Selfie masterclass

How to feel pleased with how you look in your phone selfies!

Top tips and no £££ kit coming up.

🌟Look – just as you like.

I like hair conditioned, bit of makeup, nice top, earrings. You do you.

🌟Light – have the light source behind your phone (not to your side or above you) for the most flattering professional result.

The window’s fine.

Dazzling sun can cause squinting.

🌟Height – hold it with the lens at eye level or just a little above, and never below your eye level.

This helps prevent eye bags, double chins and jowls …

Too high though and you’ll look childlike and neckless.

🌟Sight – look at or ‘through’ the lens, and not at your own picture.

Makes you connect directly with your audience.

An interesting gaze over there can work, too.

🌟Find your best space – Spin around and take loads and compare the results.

You’ll find one angle is the 🌟. Remember it and use again.

🌟Expression – I like smile!

Practise different expressions til you know which gives the look you like.

🌟Arms – Beware the squished shoulder and big-arm selfie look.

Hold it as far away as you can, while keeping shoulders looking natural.

🌟Polish – learn to edit on your phone.

Crop, frame, remove the toilet sign, lose the spot – all perfectly allowable!

Snapseed, a handy little phone ap, has a Portrait button which really makes a difference.

🌟Opportunity – anywhere.

Cafes, countryside, posh venues, sightseeing – grab those opportunities wherever you go and you’ll have a great little gallery for your posts, banners and blogs.

🌟Have fun.