Talking Speaking Power Hour

From nervous newbie to more confident communicator in just one hour! Nerves and lack of knowledge holding you back? Start here!

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

From nervous newbie to more confident communicator in just one hour!

Would you love to be able to give a great presentation, in person or online – but nerves and lack of knowledge and practice hold you back?

My one-to-one online coaching package gives you a quick, easy introduction to key essentials.

The benefits for you

🌟Tackle those nerves and develop new confidence

🌟Actor insider tips for developing your voice and personal impact

🌟Practical speaker and trainer tips for delivering presentations in person and online

How we’ll work

Step 1: Your needs

🌟Where are you now? Discussing your current situation, issues and concerns

🌟Where do you need to be? Identifying your personal development goals

🌟How are we going to get you there? All about your coaching session, which can be tailored to your requirements as part of the package

Step 2: One hour 1-1 online Confident Public Speaking coaching

🌟The elevator pitch – practice and polish how you think, feel and speak about yourself and what you do

🌟Dealing with nerves – nailing why we all get nervous and what happens to us, with some practical tips for beating those nerves and building your confidence

🌟Your visual, verbal and vocal impact – enjoyable exercises, practice and guidance to keep you growing and developing, with a clear action plan for your next steps

A 1-1 session could also include a live rehearsal of an extract from your upcoming presentation, training session or interview – anything you need

Step 3: Bonus takeaway

🌟Your feedback notes from your session for personal development

🌟Further reading with my PDF Guide to Confident Public Speaking

🌟Links to valuable videos and articles

About your Confident Public Speaking session

If you’re preparing for a particular event, it’s wise not to book a coaching session for the day before.

Best to take your session well in advance, to allow time for that new knowledge to settle, for you to practice your new skills and that great new confidence to grow.

For preparation I’ll ask you to do three things:

🌟Imagine you’ve been asked to introduce yourself to a group and you want to let them begin to know, like and trust you.

🌟Think about your achievements, your skills, what you do that makes a difference.

🌟Prepare your elevator pitch – your answer to the question ‘who are you and what do you do – and what makes you so great!’

And do let me know if there’s anything you’d specifically like to address – any worries, previous negative feedback, perceived weaknesses and so on.

Everything’s confidential.

I’ll share

🌟Some insider essentials that actors and great public speakers have always used

🌟My honest, respectful and constructive feedback

🌟Plus exercises and actions to take away.

We can do a lot in a power hour, and you’ll leave with plenty of homework to practice.

About me

I’m Philippa Hammond, an actor / voice artist and learning and development consultant.

I’ve created a brilliant blend to train Confident Public Speaking skills for leadership, management and business.

My 1-1 Confident Public Speaking coaching clients say

🗨️ ‘Highly recommended’

Issac Theophilos, author of the Amazon bestseller book ‘How To Get Outstanding.’

🗨️‘You were a great help to me’

Elvira Gabos, Southern Water, Water Industry Award winner 2019

🗨️‘A massive confidence boost’

James Clammer, author and Carnegie medal nominee

🗨️‘An experience that just kept giving!’

James Stalley, founding director Pure Choice Partnership

🗨️‘Philippa was so easy to work with’

Stephanie Cronin, founder/owner Summers Photography

🗨️‘Philippa offers excellent, practical advice in a friendly manner’

Cathal McCabe, solicitor, Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors

🗨️‘Equipping you with the necessary skills to conquer public speaking’

Rachel Nicholas, solicitor, Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors

🗨️‘It’s life-changing to have the confidence and know-how to speak well in public’

Corinne Card, co-founder Full Story Media, trainer, speaker, digital PR

🗨️‘Thank you for a genuinely inspiring session’

Alex Shilton

🗨️‘I highly recommend Philippa to anyone who would like to speak confidently and well in public’

Claire Griffin, Claire Griffin Talent Ltd

🗨️‘Philippa is a fantastic coach’

Colm McKee, CMK Planning

🗨️‘Lots of useful tips and advice.’

Harry Sherrard, employment lawyer, company director Sherrards Employment Law

🗨️‘It was an absolute joy to experience this training with you and I feel really inspired and motivated … Philippa’s training has made an enormous difference to all aspects of my public speaking’

Deborah Kempson-Wren , executive coach, Managing Ourselves Ltd

🗨️‘In such a short space of time Philippa had installed in me a more calm, confident speaker. I cannot speak highly enough of Philippa’s talent to bring out the best authentic ‘you’, and she has inspired me so much’

Paula Gander, owner, Rejuvenate Naturally


£99 total – no hidden extras

Contact for discussions and bookings

All the best. We’ve got this.

Looking forward to working with you!

Philippa Hammond