Feel better when you speak

If you’re faced with giving a presentation 😥 at work, three ways to boost your confidence coming up

🌟Start now.

Putting it off will make it feel worse. And the more time you devote to thinking & planning, writing and rehearsing it the more confident you’ll feel.

🌟Think ‘audience’.

Where are they now, where do they need to be, what’s their problem and what do you have to offer that will help them resolve their problem?

Shifting the spotlight off you and how you feel and shining it where it needs to be – on the people you’re going to help – will focus and calm your thinking.

🌟Know what you want your presentation to cause.

Whether you’re delivering training, a motivational speech, a pitch, an interview presentation etc doesn’t matter.

You want something to be different at the end.

They’ve learned to DO something new.

They’re inspired to do something.

They’re sparked into giving you the role. Or the contract.

Stating what you’re setting out to achieve and what difference it will make to your audience helps you get clear about what you’re doing.

👏All the best!