Zoom-Confident Power Hour

Learn to feel, look and sound better online in just one hour, with practical pro tips

Learn to feel, look and sound better online with practical pro tips

Do you feel you look and sound awkward on Zoom?

Would you love to look and sound great on Zoom?

Beat nerves, feel, look and sound your best and grab those opportunities with me!

1-1 coaching for nervous Zoomers and anyone who’d like to get better at it.

Zoom? Back in March 2020, I’d never even heard of it.

Now? During lockdown I swept all my training, coaching and performance work online, and now offer face to face, 1-1 and remote training and coaching services.

And I learned so much observing how people present themselves to their audiences.

Here’s a secret – anyone can make easy little tweaks to hugely improve their personal and professional Zoom impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing an online 1-1, meeting with a small group or speaking to a very big audience – the same principles apply.

Who’s it for?

Nervous Zoomers

Anyone who’d like to get better at it

Boost your Zoom impact at online meetings, coaching and training sessions, interviews and business presentations

What will we learn?

Beat nerves and build confidence

Think light / height / sight

Tips on positioning your device for best impact and making your available light work for you – without buying expensive kit

Develop your professional body language so you’ll look your best to your screen audiences

Develop your professional voice with some insider tips and techniques used by actors, trainers and professional speakers

Deliver a great message about you and what you do

If that sounds right for you – let me know.

Philippa Hammond

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