Testimonials: Colum Dain

‘My public speaking performance and gravitas were greatly improved’

‘I highly recommend Philippa as a coach, as she has that invaluable ability to get straight to the issue that will be hindering your performance.

After only a couple of teaching sessions, my public speaking performance and gravitas were greatly improved.

Philippa complements this with a broad skill-set and knowledge base, enabling her to advise in other areas too, including social media.

On top of that, Philippa’s teaching style is extremely friendly and supportive.’

Colum Dain, Programme Management, Change Management, IT Director

Testimonials: Rachel Nicholas

‘I can’t recommend Philippa highly enough’

‘I can’t recommend Philippa highly enough.

Philippa is very personable and the session was tailored to my specific concerns and goals.

Philippa makes you feel at ease, whilst equipping you with the necessary skills to conquer public speaking with the same ‘fear factor!’

Rachel Nicholas, Solicitor at Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors

Testimonials: Murray Hecht

‘Today’s brilliant workshop’

I delivered my workshop on ‘Acting Online’ to a Zoom audience of members of Brighton and the South actors’ Equity union

‘A huge thank you to Philippa Hammond for today’s brilliant workshop!

In addition to the explanations, Philippa demonstrated the techniques required for online acting and we were all given an opportunity to practise them ourselves.

It was hugely beneficial to our members, as online acting is clearly going to be the way forward in these uncertain times.’

Murray Hecht, Former Brighton and Sussex Equity General Branch Public Relations Officer

Testimonials: Amy Slonje

‘A combination of theory, practice and tips’

‘I really enjoyed working with Philippa – every session was structured really well to include a combination of theory, practice and tips.

Philippa herself an inspiring orator and I feel like I learned just from interacting with her and listening to her speak!’

Amy Slonje, Senior Advisor, Global Advocacy Programmes, Frontline AIDS

Testimonials: Nicola Stenning

‘Loads of amazing hints and tips’

‘For anyone who has to speak publicly or even just go to Networking events and needs a bit of confidence, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Philippa.

She has loads of amazing hints and tips for both improving your presentation and speaking skills and also just building confidence around being in a room of people and wanting to “network”.

Give her a call!’

Nicola Stenning, People, Purpose and Culture Leader at BrightLocal

Testimonials: Danielle Evans

‘I came away feeling like I could conquer anything’, says Miss Brighton 2021

‘As Miss Brighton and a Miss Great Britain finalist, it’s paramount that my public speaking is tip top to be able to get across my message as an ambassador.

I would highly recommend Philippa, she made me feel at ease straightaway and she listened to everything that made me unique and used that to help me be my most authentic self when speaking.

I came away feeling like I could conquer anything.

Thank you for all your help and support in the lead up to the grand finals.’

Danielle Evans, Miss Brighton 2021

Testimonials: Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer in-person in-house programme

Train the Trainer Nov 2022

Very professional. Obvious high knowledge on the topic. Would recommend anyone to attend one of your courses.

Being mentored from day 1 to be able to stand up in front of a room is a testament to the training received.

(I will) change my delivery of training material from the previous regimented military way I was previously taught!!

Roddy MacDonald, Chief Pilot and Head of Training, Qinetiq

V. well resourced, practised and delivered in confident and interesting style.

The facilitation section using different techniques to explain was v. clever!

(I intend) to develop and reform our training attitude at our company.

Well run, friendly, atmosphere.

Emily Curnow Pilot, Isles of Scilly Skybus

We talked about development of interpersonal skills which was very valuable.

(Trainer knowledge, expertise, delivery style etc) Excellent

Eva Wilkinson, Safety Performance Manager, CAA

Enjoyed the confidence gained to present material during the course

Neil Tait, Airworthiness Surveyor, CAA

Very good knowledge, very professional and a good friendly delivery style. Open to questions and provided clarification to queries as and when requested.

Interactive techniques and demonstrating other ways of delivering training and keep delegates engaged away from PowerPoint.

(I will) be more interactive with delegates, use different delivery methods and try not to slip back into the potentially easier route of just reusing handed down PowerPoint material.

A well structured and varied three days.

Adam Skinner, Design and Certification Specialist, CAA

Depth of experience. Very knowledgeable.

Very valuable on a personal level.

Phillip Hewer, Airworthiness Surveyor, CAA

Cannot fault in any way. Knowledge was incredible, approach and delivery style warming, engaging and extremely clear.

Planning, structure techniques were very useful in assisting with preparing material.

Steve Oliver, Airworthiness Surveyor, CAA

Philippa’s attention to detail, knowledge of style has shown me how to be a professional trainer, very impressed with her course.

Damien Gilbert, Power Plant Training Engineer, Rolls Royce

(I will) further my journey to gain my goal of becoming an instructor. I will continue to improve and gain further skills from what I received these last few days.

Stephen Gormley, Technical Supervisor, Cumberland Platforms

Clearly knows the subject inside out, great delivery style and expertise.

It has helped to handle my nerves. Brilliant tips for a varied presentation / training course.

I have been asked to become an SME and part of that will be to give training in the subject.

I liked that it was not death by PowerPoint. It was great, thankyou.

Sara Glastonbury, Airworthiness Surveyor, CAA

July 2022

High knowledge, high expertise. Perfect delivery style.

Igor Panic, Captain, Air Astana

All objectives were met to a level more than I thought possible in the time of available.

Clear and obvious knowledge demonstrated with an enviable delivery style of ease and flow.

Obvious confidence improvement – tools and skills to manage legacy training I have inherited.

I will find it easy to create content.

Constant participation methods were a big help.

Michael Blake, Technical Trainer, Lufthansa

I arrived as a complete novice and feel I have learnt from all the objectives.

The delivery style was very friendly and encouraging. Philippa’s knowledge shows as her presentation is very free flowing.

Most useful – The constant practise of speaking in front of groups

I plan to apply for a new job or career as an instructor.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire course and the 3 days have flown by thank you

James Harris, B1 Aircraft Engineer

Very relaxed confident personable knowledgeable – put all the delegates at ease and a visible improvement in all of us

(I will use) all the confidence and speaking bits, presentation etc every week

I really enjoyed the course, will recommend to other surveyors

Paul Harris, Airworthiness Surveyor, CAA

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