Video confidence case study

How I helped a client find his video confidence

He’d had a major shift from a public service role to the health and beauty world, including membership organizations, and how needed to boost and polish his public speaking in person, on camera and online.

After much research he found me – and as he wanted to support a local provider, requested a clarity call.

He explained that although he was very confident in conversation and in business situations, on camera was a different matter.

He felt he just didn’t do justice to himself, coming across in an unnatural and disengaging way. And he wanted to do something about that, to be ready to show up on video to speak to his industry.

Nerves, uncertainty, lack of practice and unhappiness with results so far were the main issues.

Together we planned a personal development programme of five online 1-1 sessions, covering

Nerves and confidence building

Personal impact – looking and sounding good on screen

Planning and preparing a video shoot

A Learning to Love Linkedin session

Practical video making assignment

Now video is a major part of his personal and professional presentation skills, helping him to speak to his industry with clarity, confidence and credibility.