Testimonials: London – Presentation Skills masterclasses

A programme of Presentation Skills master-classes for aspiring, new and established leaders

292“Presentation Skills masterclasses”

May – November 2012: Canary Wharf

Corporate contract




Philippa created and delivered a programme of Presentation Skills master-classes for aspiring, new and established leaders, team members and training consultants for the Financial Ombudsman Service at Canary Wharf.

Feedback is presented anonymously:

“Well done for your recent presentation skills programmes. Great feedback specifically mentioning you. Great work” – Head of Organisational Development

“Really great feedback! Well done” – Learning and Development Manager

“Philippa – Your professional voice workshop made me laugh & learn more than ever before!” – Training Consultant

“Good luck and thank you for everything you have given us – I will never forget to channel Tom Jones when doing presenting!” – Training Consultant

“Thanks very much, it’s been really useful. Some of these things I had half suspected but some techniques I wouldn’t have guessed in a million years!” – New Manager one-to-one

“… was really impressed with Philippa Hammond who undertook the course. … Philippa’s enthusiastic and engaging approach … the feedback from them all was fantastic! … course content and facilitation by Philippa was really good and one of them commented that it was the best course he had been on since joining … They came back enthused and with their fear of public speaking completely under control. It’s fantastic when training provokes this kind of response …” – Team Manager

“It was engaging, interactive and good fun” – Team Member

“I have left feeling so much more confident about giving a presentation than I was when I arrived” – Team Member

“I feel excited about my next presentation” – Team Member

“I left with more knowledge and confidence than I went in with!” – Team Member

“From my initial elevator speech I didn’t feel that I would be able to present – but I got there and I did it!” – Team Member

“I feel a lot more confident about public speaking” – Team Member

“I have learned a lot about preparing a presentation and to deliver it confidently” – Team Member

“Really useful and comprehensive course which covered lots of different areas” – Team Member

“I feel I have improved the way I present, learned a lot of skills I can put into practice” – Team Member

“I was given the skills to deliver an effective presentation without nerves” – Team Member

“I struggle to talk in public and simply doing it over and over has shown me it can be fun” – Team Member

“I feel that through the various exercises and being given the opportunity to practice, I have learned a lot” – Team Member

“Philippa structured the presentation and workshop very well as we went into each objective in detail. Plus role playing helped apply it” – Team Member

“The course really helped me to think about how I structure and plan. This then helps me with my confidence and delivery” – Team Member

“Feel much more confident about my presentation skills and have some techniques to help me improve” – Staff Council Representative

“Really pleased with what I learned and improved on” – Team Member

“I started the day feeling nervous and by the end felt confident and had forgotten about being nervous” – Team Member

“Positive feedback and good points made throughout for improving my skills” – Team Manager

“The course was extremely thorough, relevant and constantly tied in to the objectives” – Team Member

“It gave me some ideal food for thought for presenting in the future” – Team Manager

“Interesting insights with excellent feedback on my progress” – Team Member

“We were given examples and demonstrations of how to use the objectives by using visual aids, verbal aids, cue cards etc” – Staff Council Representative

“Points put across very well and chance to practice the ideas discussed” – Team Member

“The use of mini presentations throughout the day helped to bed in the understanding” – Team Member

“We have actively participated in the day to deliver a presentation on both a personal level and to impart knowledge to the audience” – Team Member

“The delivery was very interactive, I felt able to ask questions” – Team Member

“I still have a lot to learn and have been given a foundation with which to work from” – Staff Council Representative

“Very useful – really enjoyed it and will the using the course material in meetings and presentations” – Team Member

“Audience participation was engaging too” – Team Member

“It is rare to say but I actually enjoyed this training!” – Team Member

“Interesting to see colleagues learning and growing over the two days!” – Team Manager

“Enjoyed the entire course” – Team Member

“Very useful – just wanting more” – Team Member

“Good fun. I like speaking in public” – Team Member

“I found it very helpful – a skill that I really struggle with” – Team Member

“I really enjoyed the day” – Staff Council Representative

“Despite initial hesitation it was actually very enjoyable” – Staff Council Representative

“Lots of opportunities to practice” – Staff Council Representative

“I will use these skills both in my work and personal life!” – Team Member

“I will definitely use all I have learned in my current role” – Team Member

“I’ll have more confidence when I speak to groups” – Staff Council Representative

“I will use what I learned almost daily to present to my team” – Team Manager

“Very enjoyable!” – Team Member

“I enjoyed, and learned to do this without worrying” – Team Member

“Really good, open and helpful training”- Team Member

“Helps with nerves and presentation content” – Team Member

“A very good course. I will recommend it to other employees of the organisation” – Team Member

“I learned lots of things I would never have known” – Training Consultant

“Very useful and covered all the things detailed” – Team Member

“I have been given tips that will help me going forwards” – Team Member

“I feel more confident about my speaking in public” – Team Member

“I feel confident that I can now identify how to improve my speeches” – Team Member

“I find speaking aloud difficult but the environment was friendly and everyone was positive”– Team Member

“The course was set out with easy to understand principles” – Team Member

“Use of our own materials brought familiarity but tongue twisters and preps were fun” – Team Member

“Enjoyed the theory behind what makes a good voice” – Training Consultant

“Brilliant flipcharts, handouts and props” – Training Consultant

“Thoroughly engaging!” – Training Consultant

“Great to take the time to think about our development needs as a trainer” – Training Consultant

“I liked flipchart rather than powerpoint as it created a more relaxed workshop environment” – Training Consultant

“It was fun, interesting and enriching” – Training Consultant

“I’m training n a huge room and now know what to focus on” – Training Consultant

“Lots of fun and v useful, thank you” – Training Consultant

The most useful part of the Confident Presentation Skills course …

“Techniques for dealing with nerves” – Team Member

“How to deal with nerves” – Team Member

“Learning how to battle nerves when giving presentations” – Team Member

“Practising our presentations” – Team Member

“The final presentation” – Team Member

“Delivering presentations” – Team Member

“Delivering lots of presentations” – Staff Council Representative

“I feel I learned how to improve my presentation skills and got plenty of practice” – Staff Council Representative

“Getting constructive feedback” – Team Member

“Good to get feedback on performances” – Team Member

Being told what I do – critical feedback – Team Member

Insights and tips, especially with feedback – Team Manager

Really pleased with the hints and tips – Staff Council Representative

Physical tips, breathing, body language – Staff Council Representative

Feedback – Team Member

The readings – Team Member

Reading in front of the group – Team Member

The public speaking at the end with feedback – Team Member

Reading aloud – using pauses – breathing techniques – Training Consultant

Thinking about elements of an interesting voice and putting it into practice – Training Consultant

Practising, reading the article at the end, getting feedback, very interactive – Team Member

Explanations as to how our voice works, and presenting – Team Member

Good to get feedback from other people – Team Member

Feedback about Philippa Hammond, leader of the Confident Presentation Skills course programme …

Clearly experienced in the area – Team Member

The trainer explained all aspects of the topic very clearly and succinctly – Team Member

Knows what she is talking about! – Team Member

She knew her stuff and was very enthusiastic – Team Member

Clearly knew the content and very experienced – Team Member

Confident, prepared and engaging – Team Member

She was engaging and used many personal experiences as examples – Team Member

Philippa clearly has a lot of experience and presents clearly and concisely – Team Member

She was extremely knowledgeable and a very warm and engaging person. A wonderful trainer! :) – Team Member

V good at public speaking herself, so can trust teachings – Team Member

Really confident, positive and provided good tips / advice. Trainer’s manner was so confident I realised it made me feel more at ease – Team Member

Very good and valuable feedback on speaking. Practices what is preached! – Team Member

Philippa was a “living example” of confident presentation skills in practice – Team Member

She clearly knows and understands the subject and is very encouraging – Team Member

Very helpful and offered really good feedback – Team Member

Clear she has a great deal of experience of this area and provided good and honest feedback – Team Member

The way the training was delivered was brilliant, very well informed – Team Member

I was really impressed – Team Member

Philippa practised what she preached. Being able to observe how she delivered the training with poise – gravitas – great tone and pace – helped cement the messages received – Team Member

Philippa clearly knows and understands how to deliver her course – Staff Council Representative

Very impressive. Clearly knows the subject and practices what she preaches – Staff Council Representative

Philippa was very friendly and made you feel at ease – Staff Council Representative

Very good / approachable / knowledgeable – Staff Council Representative

Philippa is a very effective trainer, using easy to understand tips, examples and instructions to get her subject across … she practices what she preaches – Staff Council Representative

Excellent. I could see the expertise and confidence and it was something that I wanted to take in – Team Member

Again Philippa has constructed an excellent course – Team Manager

Excellent course and a great trainer – Team Manager

Philippa is a great speaker and therefore inspires you to be more confident when presenting – Team Manager

Very professional and enthusiastic – Manager

Insightful, friendly and clear – Team Member

Excellent course and trainer! – Team Member

The trainer explained things very well, was very friendly and positive – Team Member

It is evident that Philippa has had years of experience in using her voice to her advantage – Training Consultant

Great and Philippa put lots of thought into how it relates to our work – Training Consultant

Philippa knows her stuff and has lots of experience – Training Consultant

Wide knowledge and experience really comes across – Team Member