Testimonials: Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer in-person in-house course

Train the Trainer Gatwick July 2022


‘All objectives achieved

High knowledge, high expertise, perfect delivery style

It was worth the money and TIME’

Igor, Airline Captain and Pilot Trainer

‘All objectives were met to a level more than I thought possible in the time available

Clear and obvious knowledge … delivery style of ease and flow

Obvious confidence improvement

Tools and skills to manage legacy training I have inherited 

Will find it easy to create content

Constant participation methods were big help’

Michael, Technical Trainer, Lufthansa

‘I arrived as a complete novice and feel I have learned from all the objectives.

The delivery style was very friendly and encouraging. Philippa’s knowledge shows as her presentation is very free flowing and she can always provide a further explanation.

Constant practice of speaking in front of groups

I plan to apply for a new job/career as an instructor 

Thoroughly enjoyed the entire course … 3 days have flown by’

James, B1 Aircraft Engineer

‘Very relaxed, confident, personable, knowledgeable, put all the delegates at ease + visible improvement in all of us

Stance and style bits, keep eye contact, engage with audience more – tips for myself to work on

Really enjoyed the course, will recommend to other surveyors’

Paul, Airworthiness Surveyor

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