Confident Public Speaking case study

How I helped a customer build her confident public speaking skills for business

She’d been promoted into her dream leadership role. She’d been great in her previous role with the company – and the assumption was she’d step up naturally into her new persona, delivering presentations and briefings, chairing meetings, giving inspirational addresses … all with no training or support round developing these new skills.

Thing was … she had a secret. She was petrified of public speaking. Avoiding it, shying away from challenges and opportunities, so she’d never given herself the chance to develop the skillset.

And now, the spotlight was approaching fast and there was no escape – she was going to have to step up into it.

And that’s when she found me 😁. I’m Philippa, an actor and learning and development consultant specialising in training confident public speaking skills for leadership, training and business. I’ve supported so many business people as they’ve learned how to feel, project and inspire confidence and leave a great message about their business.

Together we worked on nerves and confidence, personal brand and personal impact, plus a tried and tested method of planning and preparing any presentation for any audience. Then top tips actors and public speakers have used for centuries to look and sound better when standing up to speak. It was such a pleasure to work with her.

And if you feel my 1-1 online coaching via Zoom, or my in-house in-person group workshops could help you or your teams – I’m here.

Philippa Hammond