Article: Ten minute masterclass

Public speaking? Presentation? Nerves? Master class coming up!

My advice for dealing with most common worries and fears, and building your confidence:

  1. Thinking negative thoughts? Think positive instead – it’ll be great! You’ve prepared and they’ll like it.
  2. Worried you’ll fail? Research your audience, then plan, prepare and rehearse.
  3. Worried they just won’t like you? Remember most people are nice, & they’re here because they’re interested in what you have to say.
  4. Thinking of drinking? Still water only. Alcohol is not your friend.
  5. Churning stomach? Eat a light meal for energy, avoiding fryups, sugar and stodge.
  6. Racing heart? Relax shoulders, breathe from diaphragm – and start. You’ll feel better as you get into your presentation.
  7. Tend to look scared? Make eye contact with friendly faces, and smile. You’ll find they smile back.
  8. Can’t catch your breath? Breathe deeply and calmly from your diaphragm, not fast and shallow from your chest.
  9. Stutter, stumble and fall over your words?  Warm up with tongue twisters for articulacy
  10. Get flustered and panicky? Stop, sip water, breathe and look at your next speaking note, then speak when you’re calm
  11. Tend to drop things? Only have what you really need to use, and practice for dexterity.
  12. Lots of ums and errs? A quiet moment is fine – allow the pause instead; it lets both you and them catch up and think.