Ten tips for effective communications

How to make your corporate communications more effective.

‘Communications’ are among the top employability skills.

Ten tips for effective communications coming up:

  1. Tone of voice = the personality of the organisation or writer should come through
  2. House style = the organisation’s dress code
  3. Grammar = final touches, grooming and social skills
  4. Use active language – ‘fill in the form’, not ‘the form should be filled in’
  5. Focus on the outcome, talk about the future and say it with confidence.
  6. Get to the point first then back it up with the facts, figures and stats
  7. Use more verbs – ‘we’ll discuss it’, not ‘we’ll have a discussion’
  8. Use plain English – ‘buy a house’, not ‘purchase a property’
  9. Does the way you write and speak reflect your personal and company Values?
  10. Say ‘you’ and ‘we’ to engage interest.
    and as it’s just us, here’s one more:
  11. It’s fine to use conversational contractions – it’s how we speak.