Testimonials: Real Life Options

RLO“Communicating With Impact”

9th and 10th October 2013: Real Life Options, Knottingley

A two-day development event for a group of six senior managers



Day 1: Practical Public Speaking Skills

A day of concentrated practice with each delegate delivering an elevator pitch, a personal interest presentation and a business presentation, followed by feedback

To what extent were the course objectives achieved?

At first, daunting to have to speak in front of colleagues, but by doing this exercise there was reinforcement in the ways in which we can / should engage through the spoken word

Activities were well-planned

Good feedback to improve future standards

Gave various methods to practice presenting and making you deliver something that you had not prepared

Enjoyable, informative day

How enjoyable were the activities?

Once moved on from embarrassment, the activities were enjoyable

Presenting in the afternoon became easier, as the group became more familiar

Very enjoyable and engaging

They were really good

About the trainer Philippa Hammond

Very helpful and insightful

Philippa gave tips and hints throughout the day which were very helpful

Excellent feedback throughout the day

Very competent and informative

Really good constructive feedback

How useful will the techniques learned be to you at work? 

A number of comments made, such as “task, values and language”, “like, trust and understand” and “stop, start, continue” will be very helpful

I will take on board comments and try to use these in future


What was the most useful part of the workshop for you?

Discussion and realise that others felt / experiences were the same

Standing up and presenting the materials that I had prepared

Practising presenting, preparing presentations

Discussion and peer feedback

Making me stand up

The realisation that my lengthy script really wasn’t required


The anecdotes and comments in between the presentations were helpful

All will be helpful

Day 2: Persuading, Influencing and Facilitation Skills

A day exploring the skills needed to persuade and influence others, with a Dragons’ Den-style pitch, plus a set of ten professional facilitation skills ideal for meetings, training sessions and conference discussions

To what extent were the course objectives achieved?

Fully met

The facilitation skills top ten pointers were very helpful

More opportunities to practice presenting / speaking

Good information meeting all objectives

How enjoyable were the activities?

Good and informative

More relaxed during second day – enjoyed Dragons’ Den

The facilitation skills activities were very helpful

Good fun – allowed for humour

About the trainer Philippa Hammond

Excellent facilitation skills

Philippa’s knowledge and preparation was excellent, well planned

Flexible approach, meeting needs of group

How useful will the techniques learned be to you at work?

All skills v useful

Tried to take on board comments from yesterday

The facilitation skills for team meetings

The techniques learned can be used in all aspects of my work

Feel so much better about next presentation!

What was the most useful part of the workshop for you?

General participation

Continued practice from day 1

Facilitation skills and different methods of facilitating

Different facilitation techniques


I have really enjoyed the 2 day experience

Very enjoyable / nerve-wracking, very helpful in my work

Good fun, very informative

RLO senior managers