Testimonials: Confident Public Speaking

Some great responses to my Confident Public Speaking course

My Confident Public Speaking one day workshops

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

Delegates have included …

The Best Man
The host of a major legal conference
Public health trainers
Technical and IT experts
Start-up and self-employed people about to pitch for new clients and give entertaining presentations about their work
Film, TV and audio producer
Charity fundraiser
Insurance company manager
Cafe owner/manager
NHS officials
Financial ombudsmen and adjudicators
Construction company representatives pitching for new contracts
Leaders and team managers

What they said …

‘Whomever you are and however practised you are at public speaking – this is a fantastic day to learn and practice new skills. I recently took the course and learnt a lot of new techniques to help get over the nerves of public speaking… ‘ Simon Moorhead

‘I will be less apprehensive about public speaking knowing if I practice and plan and relax more my speech / public speaking will be much better than before attending your excellent workshop… ‘ David Sewell

‘Thorough, detailed and insightful look into how to speak in public … from hello to thank you, any questions … ?’ Simon James

‘Reassured that feeling nervous before a presentation is normal, and I now have some basic techniques to work on …very interactive, fun … lovely venue and lunch … ‘ Katie Keetarut, UCLH NHS

‘I feel much happier about how to prepare for talks and deliver them confidently … very rewarding course … really pleased to have attended. I will recommend at work … ‘ Caroline McWhinnie, UCLH NHS

‘Really enjoyable and relevant course … ‘ Daniel Magill

‘Feel much better about presenting … Fantastic … I can’t wait to put it into practice … Exceeded all expectations … A great day with Philippa @TalkingSpeaking learning something different!’ Sharon Kay, Partner Kay & Pascoe LLP @SharonLKay

‘Really informative … Very good … Great benefit … Handling nerves and learning how to prepare … ‘ Peter Murtough, Director Micro IT Global @MicroITGlobal

‘An interesting and illuminating day … A lot of chances to practice in a safe, supportive environment … ‘ Paul Sharville, Bidwrite @BidWriteUK

‘… venue was perfect, light, refreshing and easy to find…’ David Sewell

About Philippa …

‘Philippa was great, 100 per cent focussed and her passion shone through. She was helpful and informative at all times and made everyone feel at ease … ‘ Russell Shaw

‘Very confident, reassuring and calming …’ Katie Keetarut

‘Excellent … relaxed, easy to listen to and made it a non scary day … ‘ David Sewell

‘Excellent, very personable, informative and approachable …’ Lesley Baker, GB Tree Surgery

‘Excellent …’ Caroline McWhinnie

‘Excellent …’ Simon James

If you would like to discuss 1-1 coaching or booking an in-house public speaking course for your company or organisation, please contact:

Philippa Hammond