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‘Brilliant morning …’ ‘massive thank you to Philippa Hammond’

Networking event workshops

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Short personal development events in pleasant surroundings with a great group of people sharing fresh ideas over coffee and pastries, with an experienced facilitator – what a lovely way to develop yourself and your business!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of presenting mini workshops on the Elevator Pitch at business networking events, including Brighton and Hove Businesswomen and Heads Up Coaching’s Polish Your Pitch.

We explored why we get nervous, what nerves do to us and how to build confidence, with tips on polishing your personal and professional impact with body language and vocal exercises.







‘Brilliant morning … Thank you to Philippa Hammond for a great presentation on Polish Your Pitch’
[Lyndsey Segal, Heads Up Coaching]







‘What a great meeting today! Thanks for coming. And a massive thank you to Philippa Hammond who led us through a wonderful exercise in communicating about you and your business!!’
[Evelyn Day, Brighton and Hove Businesswomen]







City Business Club

I was keynote speaker at the Brighton City Business Club’s breakfast networking event sponsored by the Argus and City College.

They said:

“Brilliant Presentation by Philippa Hammond @TalkingSpeaking, thoroughly enjoyable and informative…. Thank you !!!!” Tweeted by City Business Skills ‏@CityBizSkills

If you’d like to book a mini workshop / guest speaker for your networking event, please contact me to discuss.
Confident public speaking, leadership, trainer essentials, career development & employability – anything from a five minute inspirational speech to a two hour interactive workshop – it’s your call.

Philippa Hammond