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Confident Public Speaking and Train the Trainer
In person and online training events

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Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond


Corporate Learning & Development Consultant, Trainer  and Actor

Training skills for business

I deliver a unique combination of corporate learning and development experience in tough regulated, commercial and law enforcement fields, plus stage, camera and voice expertise as an actor

Training, writing and inspirational speaking on public speaking, presentation and train the trainer skills

Author of the new book Talking Speaking [currently in production]

Winner of the Plain English Campaign Inside Write Award for the article Public Speaking – Handling Nerves

Corporate in-house workshops

Creating and delivering acclaimed public speaking and train the trainer essentials master-classes, workshops and programmes

Public speaking and presentation skills

Dealing with nerves, developing confidence and building personal brand

Training and facilitation techniques

1-1 training

Inspiring 1-1 programmes for personal development and success

Corporate learning and development short-term contracts

I’m an experienced corporate learning and development consultant, offering a range of services essential for developing business impact.

I’ve had great opportunities to carry out short term (a few weeks to eighteen months) high-impact learning and development contracts with well-known organisations.

If you’re considering developing your corporate learning and development programme at any stage, from first inklings to full implementation – I’d be pleased to talk.

Planning, design, delivery and evaluation of powerful corporate learning and development events

Leading and directing projects with major organisational development impact

Philippa Hammond CV Summer 2024

The ADDIE training cycle

Analyse – Learning/performance needs analysis, audience and business needs

Design – Aim, objectives, required outcomes, blueprint for client sign off

Develop – Content creation including course agendas, trainer scripts, PowerPoints, practical exercises, scenarios, delegate manuals, roleplays etc

Implement – Delivering and facilitating classroom and online events, roleplay, video and audio, workshops, development programmes, 1-1  training, feedback and continuing professional development

Evaluate – Kirkpatrick four stage training impact evaluation process

Acting, voice over and role-play

Actor and voiceover skills for drama, corporate video and audio presentations

Role-play skills for recruitment, training, development and assessment events

A network of video, audio and IT technical experts, actors and voice artists

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BA Honours English Literature



Certificate in Training Practice



Philippa Hammond

Corporate Learning & Development Consultant, Trainer, Actor
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Clients include

Grace Eyre Foundation

Gene Commerce


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