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About our one-day in-house Confident Public Speaking beginners’ course

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

I’m currently offering my 1-1 coaching and corporate group workshops live via Zoom.

And I’m delighted to say I’ve now begun offering my classroom-based in-house corporate events again.

Do contact me if you would like to discuss booking a live or online event, as you prefer.

Philippa Hammond

Level 1 – Confident Public Speaking – new skills for beginners

‘ … It’s been a really empowering, supportive & confidence building session. It was engaging & I’m so glad we’ve done it … ‘ The Student Room Delegate

Speaking well in public is a vital personal and professional skill.

You can book this in-house course as part of your

  • conference programme
  • training and development programme
  • management and leadership development programme
  • team-building activities
  • outplacement support for your people who will be leaving you soon

Length: One day 10-4

Audience: Beginner

About the course

Our Confident Public Speaking course introduces the skills needed to plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate a successful business presentation for all occasions.

The ideal course for complete beginners, for the nervous speaker and for those who would like to brush up their skills and build confidence.

Delegates discover why we get nervous, what nerves do to us and how we can deal with them, and explore techniques for developing a strong, confident voice and effective body language to support the message.

This course features lots of practical speaking experience, useful exercises and helpful feedback in an enjoyable, safe environment. You will also receive valuable guidance for the future from the tutor, Philippa Hammond.

Our courses can be tailored to your business requirements – see our menu for details

Course programme

Confident Public Speaking:

Skills for Beginners

10.00 Welcome and introductions

  • The “Elevator Pitch”

Dealing with nerves

  • Why we get nervous and what nerves do us when speaking in public
  • Confidence-building techniques


Speaking well in public – techniques used by performers, politicians and broadcasters for personal impact

  • Controlling relaxation, posture and breathing
  • Developing a strong and interesting voice
  • Using body language, non-verbal communication and eye contact


How to plan for success

  • Your audience and their needs
  • Setting aim and objectives

How to prepare for success

  • Material, structure and methods of delivery
  • Speaking notes
  • Visual aids
  • Dealing with Q &A , getting your message across, finishing with style

Practical exercises and feedback throughout the day

Q & A, Notes handout

16.00 Close


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Philippa Hammond