Testimonials: Jean Edwards Consulting

‘…very good very enjoyable course… liked the interactiveness of the course… I enjoyed it a lot… ‘

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

A one day Confident public Speaking skills course for the team at Jean Edwards Consulting

Do what extent were the course objectives achieved?

I feel all were achieved


Course also pushed us to learn and practice further

Completely achieved

Very I am leaving with a bit of a plan on how to improve

Please comment on your trainer Philippa Hammond’s knowledge, expertise, delivery style etc

Excellent – leading by example

Enjoy your delivery style. High level of expertise and knowledge

Deep knowledge and smooth delivery

Fluent style

Knowledge and expertise really good

Good knowledge great delivery

Perfect – really like the trainer’s way of giving feedback

What was the most useful part of the workshop for you?

How to plan

Dealing with nerves

All information was valuable

Analysis of our elevator pitch

Pitches two times at the beginning and end



Preparing and presenting the pitch showed me I need to prepare more and practice

How will you use your new knowledge skills and mindsets in future?

Everytime I present

It will be useful for client meetings and presentations

Doing pitches to clients

Applied if not only when preparing presentation but also in everyday life

In coming meetings, job interviews

Meetings and demos for projects

Give myself more room for mistakes room to breathe

Slow down my presentations to allow for thought

Make sure to prepare better for future presentations

Practice and rehearse my knowledge


Very good very enjoyable course

Liked the interactiveness of the course

Very nice agenda and delivery of quite complex stuff

I enjoyed it a lot