Testimonials: CAAI Train the Trainer

2-day Train the Trainer development event: ‘a brilliant two days!’

2-day Train the Trainer development event for the Civil Aviation Authority International

‘a brilliant two days!’

‘ … very well put together and excellent delivery.’

…absolutely on point.’

Lots of helpful activities and ideas, and a very engaging two days.’

‘ … timing duration of exercises was great.’

‘ … good balance of content and practical …’

Very engaging – lots of participation and getting everyone involved.’

‘ … very good presentation and facilitation.’

I suggest that all who represent the CAA externally attend. I also suggest that all who deliver internal sessions do the same. The downsides of poor training experience are too great to leave things to chance.’

Thanks Philippa for a brilliant two days! I am always keen for feedback and it was great to have this detail and multiple opportunities… great to have a refresher and presented in an engaging and authoritative way.’

CAAI delegates

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