Testimonials: Blind Veterans UK

‘…a relaxed and safe environment… very valuable tips… excellent – really encouraging and welcoming… ‘

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

A one day Confident Public Speaking skills workshop for the art and craft teaching team at Blind Veterans UK.

To what extent were the course objectives achieved?


I think the course gave me a good set of fundamentals and assurances that will help me reduce the stress of public speaking

Fully achieved

I do feel more confident about speaking publicly and will practice what I have learned today

Please comment on your trainer Philippa Hammond’s knowledge, expertise, delivery style, etc

Pleasant and informative

Very good, clearly experienced and walks her talk

Very knowledgeable, created a relaxed and safe environment

Philippa was very knowledgeable on the subject and her delivery style was relateable and engaging.

Very valuable tips

Excellent – really encouraging and welcoming, made me feel relaxed

Easy to digest all the information presented in a very engaging way

Really knowledgeable and engaging – Philippa demonstrated her knowledge and skill in her very delivery of the course

Engaging likeable relaxed style good personal stories

Excellent – really friendly, clear and practical

What was the most useful part of the workshop for you?

Learning new skills – planning ahead, tongue twisters and warm up exercises

Breathing warmup and stance exercise

Tips on how to deal with nerves

The practical side, being in the same boat as others

Having the chance to present in a safe environment

Having to get up there and do it and get feedback and get others to do the same

The chance to show improvement

The gradual easing of presenting from groups to smaller groups to lone speaking was smart

Getting feedback on my presentations

How will you use your new knowledge, skills and mindsets in future?

When presenting at work

When networking as a freelance artist or teaching art history or practicals

Try to do more public speaking and attempt to be more confident and relaxed about it

I will use my new skills / knowledge in the welcome talks to new members and in the Friday feedback presentations.

Hope to put on training sessions imparting what I know to others so have lots of info on how to make it engaging

I will replace the dread of having to do public speaking with seeing it as an opportunity to improve

Prepare and warm up more

Have more belief in myself

It will inform the training I deliver and also help me when presenting and promoting my project work