Testimonials: The Student Room – Practical Public Speaking

Some of the great response from my Practical Public Speaking workshop for The Student Room, February 2018

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

About the Practical Public Speaking in-house workshop

To what extent were the course objectives achieved?

Very well, covered all areas from nerves to visual, vocal and content of a presentation. Helped so much!

It was really good to get the feedback

Now I know I can do it I’ll be less apprehensive

About Philippa Hammond

Extremely knowledgeable, clear, focused and has very strongly reassuring aura that really helps put you at ease

Could answer any questions and was clear, slow, friendly and concise and honest

Really strong knowledge and delivered personably and meaningfully

Calming style and great knowledge

Exceptional at providing positive feedback and constructive criticism

Most useful part of the workshop?

The first presentation and the feedback review received was super useful

Feedback on my personal presentation

Delivering a presentation in a safe environment

I liked receiving the page of paper with the comments from Philippa on my presentation, helpful to take away

How will you use your new knowledge?

Believe in myself more.

Will prep more and fidget less – remember that what I have to say is valuable

Thank you Philippa, I really feel I’ve learned some extremely important skills that I will take forward in my career

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