Testimonials: Sarah Poralla

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

‘ Philippa Hammond gave a regular Training at EASA, called “train the trainer”. Because we regularly present in front of large audiences or give trainings about our specialty. So the group taking this training was interested in improving their skills of connecting with the audience and to work on unconscious habits that impede with that.

I was impressed how Philippa was able to address difficult issues in a gentle manner so that our very mixed group was able to look at each other and improve each others with constructive criticism and encouragement.

The three days flew by and I was quickly realizing that, while I consider myself a good speaker, I would be able to learn from her to get a little better. All of us were non-native speakers, so the starting point was one of different styles and composure. She was able to adapt her encouragement to the authentic style, but still tweaking the way in which a person would look at each speaking event (regardless of length and preparation) as a opportunity to present him/ herself by “putting their best foot forward”.

Again, very good training with very good exercises in training methodologies, that will help me in the future to prepare even more engaging training events myself. Philippa’s liking for people and her ability to stick to a plan, while being friendly and flexible is a big strength.

I think that Philippa would be a great asset to have in any training department; in particular given the challenges of the COVID future, where most events will now be virtual and where staff has to adapt their presentation and teaching style, to rescue and ensure an acceptable level of effectiveness.’

Sarah Poralla, Aerodrome Expert at European Aviation Safety Agency