Speak Up and Step Up 1-1 Programmes

You CAN learn Confident Public Speaking – in as little as six weeks!

Speak Up and Step Up: Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills online coaching programme

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

My three step system takes business people struggling with public speaking nerves to freedom from anxiety and fear.

For complete beginners, the nervous speaker and brushing up the basics if it’s been a while

Learn and practice your newly acquired skills in a safe, supportive space

Develop the confidence and skill you need, to:

Feel, look and sound better, when you’re speaking in person and online

Craft and deliver a great message about you and your business

… in as little as six weeks.

All six one-hour 1-1 sessions are delivered via Zoom.

Confident Public Speaking three-step process

🌟Step 1: Feel better about yourself and your public speaking with my nerve-beating confidence-boosting 1-1 coaching

🌟Step 2: Learn the essential insider skills for planning, writing and delivering a memorable message that trainers, public speakers and performers have always used

🌟Step 3: Practice all your new skills in a safe space with my honest, respectful and constructive feedback and guidance.

Confident Public Speaking programme content details

🌟Step 1

Nerves, confidence and personal impact – feel, look and sound better in person and online

Goal setting

Elevator pitch – introducing yourself in a business setting


Fight or flight

Think + feel + behave = results

Your audience

Visual impact – Your body language

Vocal impact – Your voice

Zoom – Technical tips on positioning your device and lens for best impact

Zoom – Making your available light work for you

Zoom – How to look your best to your screen audience

Zoom – Actor tips for sounding better on mic

🌟Step 2

Verbal impact – Planning and preparing your content and material, ready to deliver a great message

Audience analysis – their pain, their pleasure, their drivers

Setting aim and objectives, for their new knowledge, skills, attitudes and permanent change in behaviour

Mind mapping, prioritising and structuring your content

Creating PowerPoints

Facilitation skills

Reading aloud


Dealing with difficult people and situations

🌟Step 3

Practice and polish

A practical business presentation, with honest, respectful and constructive feedback.

This can be a dress rehearsal of any important upcoming presentation, if required.


My 1-1 coaching clients say:

🗨️ ‘Highly recommended’ 

Issac Theophilos, author of the Amazon bestseller book ‘How To Get Outstanding.’

🗨️‘You were a great help to me’

Elvira Gabos, Southern Water, Water Industry Award winner 2019

🗨️‘A massive confidence boost’

James Clammer, author and Carnegie medal nominee

🗨️‘An experience that just kept giving!’ 

James Stalley, founding director Pure Choice Partnership

🗨️‘Philippa was so easy to work with’

Stephanie Cronin, founder/owner Summers Photography

🗨️‘Philippa offers excellent, practical advice in a friendly manner’

Cathal McCabe, solicitor, Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors 

🗨️‘Equipping you with the necessary skills to conquer public speaking’

Rachel Nicholas, solicitor, Sherrards Employment Law Solicitors

🗨️‘It’s life-changing to have the confidence and know-how to speak well in public’

Corinne Card, co-founder Full Story Media, trainer, speaker, digital PR


A payment plan of two instalments is available.


For a free consulting call with me to find out how I can help you feel, project and inspire new confidence.

I’m only enrolling four new clients per month on my Programme – my books are currently open.

Looking forward to working with you!

Philippa Hammond

Confident Public Speaking skills coaching for leadership, training and business

1-1 Zoom Power Hours

From nervous newbie to more confident and positive in just one hour!

Talking Speaking [Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills], Zoom-Confident, LinkedIn and Employability training and coaching

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

From nervous newbie to more confident and positive in just one hour!

If time’s pressing and you need a quick intensive 1-1 focus on your needs … here it is.

I’m offering my 3-step 1-1 Zoom Power Hours on a range of business and personal skills.

Just click the relevant link to learn more about how I can help you


Talking Speaking

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for leadership, business and social life



For anyone seeking their next career step in this strange New Normal


Learning to Love LinkedIn

For anyone who’s never used it or would love to get better at it



Learn to feel, look and sound better online with practical pro tips


How it works

Each Power Hour works like this:

Step 1 – we work out where you are now, where you need to be and what we’ll do to get you there

Step 2 – our 1-1 Zoom power hour where I’ll share some insider essentials to boost you to where you want to be

Step 3 – your personalised written session notes, plus my bonus PDF download for your further development


That’s it. No hidden extras.

Looking forward to working with you!

Philippa Hammond

Contact for bookings

Welcome to Speaking Well in Public

Deal with nerves, build confidence, learn a vital business skill

Scared of public speaking – but you know you have to do it, if you’re going to win those brilliant opportunities?

Needing your teams to speak about your business – but you know they lack the confidence and skills to give a great message about you and what you do?

Ready to deal with nerves and build confidence, enhance personal and professional image and get your message across with style?

Welcome to Speaking Well In Public

Confident public speaking and presentation skills corporate workshops

Train the trainer corporate workshops

Private 1-1 coaching programmes

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

Philippa Hammond

Whether you need to speak for leadership, training and business, performance and social occasions, education, employability or as a great new life skill, I can help.

The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about public speaking. They recognised that an audience needs to like, trust and understand you before they’ll start listening to you.

And they knew about ‘glossophobia, or ‘tongue terror’ – the fear of public speaking.

Me too. I’m standing on stage about three quarters of the way through the first ever performance of my first solo show. And then something terrifying happens. A voice in my head starts saying ‘You can’t do this. You don’t know your lines. They don’t like you.’ I freeze, my mind goes blank – and I walk off stage.

That could have been it for me as an actor. But the next night I went on – and I did it. And the audience came back. And the next year we took the show to Edinburgh, to four star reviews.

I beat the fear – and so can you.

Now I combine my pro actor / voice artist skills with my corporate learning and development consultancy experience in my Confident Public Speaking and Train the Trainer events.

I’ll share the secrets actors, speakers and trainers have used for centuries to deal with nerves and develop confidence, feel, look and sound better, and craft and deliver a great message about you and your business to any audience.

Simple, straightforward – anyone can learn, with Speaking Well In Public.

The benefits of Confident Public Speaking skills

  • Deal with nerves and build confidence
  • Enhance your business, social and professional life
  • Improve your personal impact at meetings, conferences and networking events
  • Build your professional brand
  • Create a confident and credible lasting first impression
  • Capture and keep your audience’s attention
  • Get your message across
  • Win your next contract
  • Secure your next role or promotion
  • Deliver training that causes real business change
  • Develop your team
  • Improve internal communications
  • Improve the way the company is perceived by the outside world

Training for leadership, training and business, for education, employability, performance, work and life

What they’re saying

Feel much better about presenting … Fantastic … I can’t wait to put it into practice … Exceeded all expectations … A great day with Philippa @TalkingSpeaking learning something different!’

[Received later:] ‘ My day with you continues to pay off. On Friday I organised a Dispute Resolution Seminar for about 60 lawyers. We had speakers from all over plus some very eminent High Court Judges. I did not even get nervous this time, after all after the National Conference with over 500 delegates, why would I?!?!’

Sharon Kay, Partner Kay & Pascoe LLP @SharonLKay

‘…. I highly recommend Philippa to anyone who would like to speak confidently and well in public.”

Claire Griffin, Claire Griffin Talent Ltd

” … thank you for the help with my recent public speaking foray … I don’t think the speech could have gone better … I had some lovely comments afterwards from people I really respect, who asked how I was so calm”

Joanne Edwards, chair of Resolution
[the national family lawyers association]

More testimonials

Philippa Hammond



Philippa Hammond

Confident Public Speaking and Train the Trainer
In person and online training events

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond


Corporate Learning & Development Consultant, Trainer  and Actor

Training skills for business

I deliver a unique combination of corporate learning and development experience in tough regulated, commercial and law enforcement fields, plus stage, camera and voice expertise as an actor

Training, writing and inspirational speaking on public speaking, presentation and train the trainer skills

Author of the new book Talking Speaking [currently in production]

Winner of the Plain English Campaign Inside Write Award for the article Public Speaking – Handling Nerves

Corporate in-house workshops

Creating and delivering acclaimed public speaking and train the trainer essentials master-classes, workshops and programmes

Public speaking and presentation skills

Dealing with nerves, developing confidence and building personal brand

Training and facilitation techniques

1-1 training

Inspiring 1-1 programmes for personal development and success

Corporate learning and development short-term contracts

I’m an experienced corporate learning and development consultant, offering a range of services essential for developing business impact.

I’ve had great opportunities to carry out short term (a few weeks to eighteen months) high-impact learning and development contracts with well-known organisations.

If you’re considering developing your corporate learning and development programme at any stage, from first inklings to full implementation – I’d be pleased to talk.

Planning, design, delivery and evaluation of powerful corporate learning and development events

Leading and directing projects with major organisational development impact

Philippa Hammond CV Summer 2024

The ADDIE training cycle

Analyse – Learning/performance needs analysis, audience and business needs

Design – Aim, objectives, required outcomes, blueprint for client sign off

Develop – Content creation including course agendas, trainer scripts, PowerPoints, practical exercises, scenarios, delegate manuals, roleplays etc

Implement – Delivering and facilitating classroom and online events, roleplay, video and audio, workshops, development programmes, 1-1  training, feedback and continuing professional development

Evaluate – Kirkpatrick four stage training impact evaluation process

Acting, voice over and role-play

Actor and voiceover skills for drama, corporate video and audio presentations

Role-play skills for recruitment, training, development and assessment events

A network of video, audio and IT technical experts, actors and voice artists

Professional Memberships




BA Honours English Literature



Certificate in Training Practice



Philippa Hammond

Corporate Learning & Development Consultant, Trainer, Actor
You can be sure you’ll always speak with, meet with and work with me
Your message will always be clear

Clients include

Grace Eyre Foundation

Gene Commerce


RoleplayUK Logo

Public speaking and Presentation Skills

Speaking Well in Public presents:

Confident Public Speaking and Train the Trainer programmes for leadership, training and business

with trainer, coach and actor Philippa Hammond

Corporate in-house events at your venue

Beginners: Confident Public Speaking

Improvers: Practical Public Speaking

Experienced speakers: Professional Public Speaking

Train the Trainer programmes for subject matter experts looking to get into training

Live online group programmes are available for your teams – contact to discuss

Live online 1-1 coaching programmes

Power HoursTalking Speaking, LinkedIn and Employability

Coaching programmesSpeak Up and Step Up six week programmes

I’ve delivered my public speaking, presentation and training skills events in Brighton and Sussex, in London, all over the UK, in the Channel Islands, Istanbul [Turkey], Sana’a [Yemen], Kyiv [Ukraine], Johannesburg [South Africa], Libreville [Gabon], Dallas [USA], Toronto [Canada], Brunei and Cologne [Germany].

Wherever you and your business may be – I can help.

Do contact me if you’d like to discuss booking a live or online event, as you prefer.

Philippa Hammond

Speaking Well In Public is based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Confident Public Speaking [beginners] Brighton & beyond

About our one-day in-house Confident Public Speaking beginners’ course

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

I’m currently offering my 1-1 coaching and corporate group workshops live via Zoom.

And I’m delighted to say I’ve now begun offering my classroom-based in-house corporate events again.

Do contact me if you would like to discuss booking a live or online event, as you prefer.

Philippa Hammond

Level 1 – Confident Public Speaking – new skills for beginners

‘ … It’s been a really empowering, supportive & confidence building session. It was engaging & I’m so glad we’ve done it … ‘ The Student Room Delegate

Speaking well in public is a vital personal and professional skill.

You can book this in-house course as part of your

  • conference programme
  • training and development programme
  • management and leadership development programme
  • team-building activities
  • outplacement support for your people who will be leaving you soon

Length: One day 10-4

Audience: Beginner

About the course

Our Confident Public Speaking course introduces the skills needed to plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate a successful business presentation for all occasions.

The ideal course for complete beginners, for the nervous speaker and for those who would like to brush up their skills and build confidence.

Delegates discover why we get nervous, what nerves do to us and how we can deal with them, and explore techniques for developing a strong, confident voice and effective body language to support the message.

This course features lots of practical speaking experience, useful exercises and helpful feedback in an enjoyable, safe environment. You will also receive valuable guidance for the future from the tutor, Philippa Hammond.

Our courses can be tailored to your business requirements – see our menu for details

Course programme

Confident Public Speaking:

Skills for Beginners

10.00 Welcome and introductions

  • The “Elevator Pitch”

Dealing with nerves

  • Why we get nervous and what nerves do us when speaking in public
  • Confidence-building techniques


Speaking well in public – techniques used by performers, politicians and broadcasters for personal impact

  • Controlling relaxation, posture and breathing
  • Developing a strong and interesting voice
  • Using body language, non-verbal communication and eye contact


How to plan for success

  • Your audience and their needs
  • Setting aim and objectives

How to prepare for success

  • Material, structure and methods of delivery
  • Speaking notes
  • Visual aids
  • Dealing with Q &A , getting your message across, finishing with style

Practical exercises and feedback throughout the day

Q & A, Notes handout

16.00 Close


For further information, discussions and bookings:


Philippa Hammond

Practical Public Speaking [improvers] Brighton & beyond

About our Practical Public Speaking course: a concentrated practical public speaking workout for those with a little experience

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

I’m currently offering my 1-1 coaching and corporate group workshops live via Zoom.

And I’m delighted to say I’ve now begun offering my classroom-based in-house corporate events again.

Do contact me if you would like to discuss booking a live or online event, as you prefer.

Philippa Hammond

Level 2: Practical Public Speaking – Skills for improvers

A one-day course 10 – 4

Audience: Improver

The course is delivered to a small group of six delegates to allow maximum time for practical experience and effective feedback.

You may have attended our Confident Public Speaking course, have begun to address those public speaking nerves and are looking for more practice.

You may already have some public speaking experience and feel you would now benefit from a concentrated day of practical presentation experience, plus feedback to help you develop to a higher level and improve performance.

You may wish your team members to acquire further professional gloss and style when representing you and your organisation to colleagues, clients and the press.

About the course

Practical Public Speaking offers a concentrated practical workout, a public speaking boot camp that will have you on your feet and speaking to a small group, observing your peers delivering their prepared presentations and sharing honest, respectful and constructive feedback throughout the day. You will also receive valuable guidance for the future from the tutor, Philippa Hammond.

Pre-course preparation

Each delegate prepares three presentations to deliver on the day:

  • Elevator Pitch – a short one minute speech that answers the question “And what do you do?”
  • Business Presentation – a fifteen – twenty minute presentation on a business relevant topic

Any other exercises will be set on the day

Course Programme

Gather for coffee and networking

10.00 Morning session Including refreshments break

  • Welcome and introductions
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Discussion and feedback after each pitch
  • Presentations
  • Discussion and feedback after each presentation


Afternoon session including refreshments break

  • Presentations continued
  • Discussion and feedback after each presentation
  • Evaluation, Q and A

16.00 Close


Do feel free to bring examples, handouts and anything else that will enhance your presentation.

Practical exercises and feedback throughout



Professional Public Speaking [experienced] Brighton & beyond

If it’s worth presenting, it’s worth polishing first. A pitching and presenting masterclass.

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

I’m currently offering my 1-1 coaching and corporate group workshops live via Zoom.

And I’m delighted to say I’ve now begun offering my classroom-based in-house corporate events again.

Do contact me if you would like to discuss booking a live or online event, as you prefer.

Philippa Hammond

Professional Public Speaking

A presentation skills masterclass

Professional, experienced speakers preparing to deliver:

High-stakes presentations and keynote speeches

Pitches for business, funding, contracts and clients

Yes, great content is vital – you may have prepared a slick PowerPoint, beautiful brochures and all your facts and figures neatly presented – but have you considered your delivery style?

People buy from people – not from PowerPoints or pretty pictures.

The way you present your material, how you look and how you sound, will affect and influence their response to your message.

Your masterclass includes:

A dress rehearsal, a practical dry run of your prepared presentation, pitch or workshop material to an independent impartial consultant

Honest, respectful, constructive feedback on how your material and your team will look and sound to your prospective client

The chance to identify any snags while there’s still time to fine tune, polish and enhance your material and professional, credible delivery style.

If it’s worth presenting – it’s worth polishing first.



To discuss your needs or make a booking

Philippa Hammond

Trainer Essentials Power Hour

You’re a subject matter expert …

And you’d love to take your first steps in training – but don’t know where to start?

Or your employer has tasked you with delivering training because you’re great at your job … so of course you’ll be able to train … but they haven’t actually trained you how to train?

It can feel like you’re stuck with no way out, onwards or upwards.

For the SME, building professional training skills unlocks doors of opportunity.

So here’s your very first step into your new world:

A Trainer Essentials online Power Hour with me

🌟A new way to shine

🌟Supporting others to develop and achieve

🌟New personal development and fulfilment

Here’s how it works


You’ll consider ‘who are you, what do you do and what makes you the go-to person for learners?’

This will help you focus on why you’re taking this professional step up.

Your session

Our interactive discussion-led one hour online session will feature

🌟Insider essentials:

Why organisations train – the drivers

What gets in the way – the blocks

The point and purpose of training

Why and how adults learn

🌟The ADDIE training cycle – how to:

Analyse your audience and stakeholder needs

Design your Aim, Objectives and Agenda for sign off

Develop your content

Implement your training – facilitation, Q&A and audience management essentials

Evaluate your training at four levels

Post session

I’ll send you a PDF with your session notes and reading for further personal development

It’s an overview to kickstart your new trainer journey.

Other Power Hours you might like

Talking Speaking – deal with nerves and build your confident public speaking skills for leadership, training and business

LinkedIn – polish your product, build your network and engage with your ideal audience

If you’d like to know more or book a private 1-1 online session, contact me here

Philippa Hammond

Video confidence case study

How I helped a client find his video confidence

He’d had a major shift from a public service role to the health and beauty world, including membership organizations, and how needed to boost and polish his public speaking in person, on camera and online.

After much research he found me – and as he wanted to support a local provider, requested a clarity call.

He explained that although he was very confident in conversation and in business situations, on camera was a different matter.

He felt he just didn’t do justice to himself, coming across in an unnatural and disengaging way. And he wanted to do something about that, to be ready to show up on video to speak to his industry.

Nerves, uncertainty, lack of practice and unhappiness with results so far were the main issues.

Together we planned a personal development programme of five online 1-1 sessions, covering

Nerves and confidence building

Personal impact – looking and sounding good on screen

Planning and preparing a video shoot

A Learning to Love Linkedin session

Practical video making assignment

Now video is a major part of his personal and professional presentation skills, helping him to speak to his industry with clarity, confidence and credibility.

Selfie masterclass

How to feel pleased with how you look in your phone selfies!

Top tips and no £££ kit coming up.

🌟Look – just as you like.

I like hair conditioned, bit of makeup, nice top, earrings. You do you.

🌟Light – have the light source behind your phone (not to your side or above you) for the most flattering professional result.

The window’s fine.

Dazzling sun can cause squinting.

🌟Height – hold it with the lens at eye level or just a little above, and never below your eye level.

This helps prevent eye bags, double chins and jowls …

Too high though and you’ll look childlike and neckless.

🌟Sight – look at or ‘through’ the lens, and not at your own picture.

Makes you connect directly with your audience.

An interesting gaze over there can work, too.

🌟Find your best space – Spin around and take loads and compare the results.

You’ll find one angle is the 🌟. Remember it and use again.

🌟Expression – I like smile!

Practise different expressions til you know which gives the look you like.

🌟Arms – Beware the squished shoulder and big-arm selfie look.

Hold it as far away as you can, while keeping shoulders looking natural.

🌟Polish – learn to edit on your phone.

Crop, frame, remove the toilet sign, lose the spot – all perfectly allowable!

Snapseed, a handy little phone ap, has a Portrait button which really makes a difference.

🌟Opportunity – anywhere.

Cafes, countryside, posh venues, sightseeing – grab those opportunities wherever you go and you’ll have a great little gallery for your posts, banners and blogs.

🌟Have fun.


Feel better when you speak

If you’re faced with giving a presentation 😥 at work, three ways to boost your confidence coming up

🌟Start now.

Putting it off will make it feel worse. And the more time you devote to thinking & planning, writing and rehearsing it the more confident you’ll feel.

🌟Think ‘audience’.

Where are they now, where do they need to be, what’s their problem and what do you have to offer that will help them resolve their problem?

Shifting the spotlight off you and how you feel and shining it where it needs to be – on the people you’re going to help – will focus and calm your thinking.

🌟Know what you want your presentation to cause.

Whether you’re delivering training, a motivational speech, a pitch, an interview presentation etc doesn’t matter.

You want something to be different at the end.

They’ve learned to DO something new.

They’re inspired to do something.

They’re sparked into giving you the role. Or the contract.

Stating what you’re setting out to achieve and what difference it will make to your audience helps you get clear about what you’re doing.

👏All the best!


Public speaking tips: 2

What’s your USP? Your area of expertise?

Yesterday, I recommended a personal skills and achievements audit to help build your confidence.

🌠Now consider this – chances are, in any given group, you’re going to be the expert on something.

Because you’ve been there, done that, screwed up, learned, made it through – and can give them a helping hand up.

What’s your area of expertise?

It’s a unique combination that’s part of your brand.

That thing they need, where you can help.

What’s your Unique Selling Point?

Once you’ve identified that, things start looking clearer, and you’ll start feeling better about getting up to speak.

Another tip soon.

Philippa x

Confident Public Speaking skills for leadership, training and business

Public speaking tips: 1

Take a GOOD look at yourself!

So many hesitate to step through those opening doors of opportunity, because of public speaking nerves! Sound familiar?

New leadership role, new job, new business, big presentation or pitch looming … and new public speaking duties causing sleepless nights and a bit of the old impostor syndrome?

If that’s you and your nerves are holding you back, here’s a thought process to follow.

Tip 1: 🌠Take a good (and I mean GOOD) look at yourself.

Your CV, your LinkedIn profile, every qualification, experience and skill you bring to the stage.

Everything you’ve ever achieved, been proud of, been thanked for.
That’s the bedrock you stand on, like a lighthouse standing on firm ground amid the swirling.

Review that in your mind every time the old ‘who do you think you are??’ self sabotaging voice kicks in.

Another tip tomorrow.

Philippa x 

Confident Public Speaking skills for leadership, training and business

Testimonials: Colum Dain

‘My public speaking performance and gravitas were greatly improved’

‘I highly recommend Philippa as a coach, as she has that invaluable ability to get straight to the issue that will be hindering your performance.

After only a couple of teaching sessions, my public speaking performance and gravitas were greatly improved.

Philippa complements this with a broad skill-set and knowledge base, enabling her to advise in other areas too, including social media.

On top of that, Philippa’s teaching style is extremely friendly and supportive.’

Colum Dain, Programme Management, Change Management, IT Director