Testimonials: Stephanie Cronin

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

‘I recently worked with Philippa to smarten up my presentation technique and confidence. Philippa was so easy to work with, welcoming and understood the areas I was looking to improve. She listened and offered advice and a whole variety of ways to change my delivery. Even after our session together, Philippa sent an incredibly detailed overview of our conversation notes and this has been valuable to reflect back on for a refresher when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Philippa to anyone that is looking to boost their skills and confidence – thank you Philippa!’

Stephanie Cronin, Summers Photography

Testimonials: Issac Theophilos

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

‘Philippa helped me with public speaking at the early part and as required during my career as a public speaker. Philippa’s acting skill was an added benefit for me which helped me to focus on voice modulation, posture, expressions and several other domains of effective speaking. Highly recommended if you are setting out on journey to public speaking. Thanks Philippa.’

Issac Theophilos, author of the Amazon bestseller book ‘How To Get Outstanding.’

Testimonials: Corinne Card

‘It’s life changing’

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

‘I worked with Philippa after starting my own business. I had been asked to speak at BrightonSEO in spring 2018, in front of 500 industry insiders, and I had never spoken in front of a large audience before.

The thought was overwhelming and terrifying, but I knew that an opportunity like this could help my business if I could perform well on the day.

Through one-on-one coaching, Philippa helped me to build my confidence. She also taught me the tricks of the trade for public speaking and how I could make the most of my natural speaking style.

The BrightonSEO speech was a success and I was asked back to speak at the same conference in 2019, this time in front of 1,000 people.

It’s life-changing to have the confidence and know-how to speak well in public. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to improve professionally and personally invests in a coaching course with Philippa.’

Corinne Card, co-founder Full Story Media, trainer, speaker, digital PR

Testimonials: James Clammer

‘I did my reading in London last night for the new publishers and it went REALLY WELL. Thank you so much … that session and the advice you gave me was invaluable. I practised loads beforehand as you recommended and it paid off. I even felt surprisingly calm before going on … This is a massive confidence boost and it’s mostly thanks to you!’

James Clammer, author, Carnegie medal nominee

Testimonials: Employability and Outplacement workshops

Feedback from my recent career development and employability seminars in Brighton, Sussex and Surrey

Confident Public Speaking, Presentation and Employability Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

 A range of highly interactive workshops, programmes and 1-1s with a 70:20:10 approach, including discussions, group work, skills practice, essential new knowledge and a real confidence boost for those facing redundancy or seeking a career change. And no PowerPoint!

If you’d like to discuss an event for your people, Contact

Testimonials for Brand ‘New You’ employability skills training seminars

Training, coaching and inspiring for success in

Building confidence

Creating the CV for business impact

Self-presentation and interview skills

For leaders, managers and business people

For anyone seeking their next career step

Client feedback is recorded anonymously. A selection of some delegates’ comments:

About Philippa Hammond


She was very good and explained things well

Philippa was very knowledgeable in delivering the course

Excellent, very informative, friendly, knows her stuff!

The course leader was very clear in explaining what was expected of us and was overall very good at advising

Very good tutor. Very easy, understandable. So it was great to be in this course.

Lovely and a great teacher

It has been a great experience with Pippa, she was great

Very informative. Has helped me to answer questions I would normally have “ummed” and “aa-ed”. Pippa was always on hand to explain things in an indepth and understandable way.

Friendly and a great communicator. Thank you.

Quite a confidence booster. Excellent encouraging presenter. Met some great people. I feel much better prepared to promote myself

The course speaker, was fantastic + really made it a very informative and enjoyable experience. I really gained a lot + she has given me confidence

Pippa was brilliant! Clear, precise & explained everything in detail without condescending. Allowed us to work at our own pace whilst staying on topic.

Every problem / worry was explained in a clear concise manner, making me feel secure in what I was doing

Extremely helpful! Everything was broken down and analysed to clear any problems that may have arisen.

What was the most valuable part of the workshop?

Learning interview skills

Interview techniques

Understanding the layout of CV

I enjoyed the group work and discussion

Personal impact, interview skills, creating a CV and developing an online presence that speaks volumes about you and your potential …

Help with CV and mock phone interviews were very helpful

Able to assess and readjust my CV in the best way possible

Advice about covering letters and interview questions helped me realise where I was going wrong

All stuff covered was very useful, will definitely be putting techniques into practice to enhance my job search.

A really useful reminder of the diverse aspects involved in the search for new employment.

Surprisingly useful information. Should really be taught in schools. It is important to receive this before leaving education.

The most useful help was how to conduct myself during different interview types

Be more confident in the answers at interview

I would use this on my CV and preparing for future interviews

I feel much more confident and have more ideas and understanding of what employers want


Fantastic course – will recommend it to others

Fun experience – I learned much and will use my new knowledge for a better career

The course was extremely helpful – I feel confident in my search again as it opened up new gateways

Very good!! Very enjoyable.

It was very helpful and informative course.

The whole course was very helpful and enlightening. It helped me to realise where some of my strengths and weaknesses are.

I had a great time on my course and found it fun to play a role as a team player

Knowing I can achieve my goals and anything is possible – I was very happy with everything.

More about my Employability and Outplacement workshops, programmes and 1-1s

Testimonials: CAAI / EASA Train the Trainer

Testimonials for my three day Train the Trainer programme for EASA HQ in Cologne

Confident Public Speaking, Presentation and Train the Trainer Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

A Train the Trainer development programme for a small group of subject matter experts tasked with delivering training as part of their portfolios

Delegates said

About Philippa Hammond

Knowledge of the subject – ‘excellent’

Obvious preparation – ‘excellent’

Style and delivery – ‘excellent’

Responsiveness to group – ‘excellent’

Comments on course content, structure and delivery

‘Excellent balance’

‘Very good course!’

‘Very useful’

‘Perfect atmosphere’

‘It was just right’

‘Very good training altogether congratulations’

‘Very useful training, Philippa was a very good trainer’

‘Thank you for the great course!’

‘Absolutely relevant for instructional technique – essential recommendations provided’

‘Highly engaged and knowledgeable trainer’

‘The course duration and content was perfect’

‘Well balance between practice and theory’

‘Specially interesting where we have to deliver a presentation ourselves’

‘Individual presentations and feedback from the floor’

‘Highlights were the practical work’

Testimonials: Networking event workshops

‘Brilliant morning …’ ‘massive thank you to Philippa Hammond’

Networking event workshops

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Training and coaching
In person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

Short personal development events in pleasant surroundings with a great group of people sharing fresh ideas over coffee and pastries, with an experienced facilitator – what a lovely way to develop yourself and your business!

I’ve recently had the pleasure of presenting mini workshops on the Elevator Pitch at business networking events, including Brighton and Hove Businesswomen and Heads Up Coaching’s Polish Your Pitch.

We explored why we get nervous, what nerves do to us and how to build confidence, with tips on polishing your personal and professional impact with body language and vocal exercises.







‘Brilliant morning … Thank you to Philippa Hammond for a great presentation on Polish Your Pitch’
[Lyndsey Segal, Heads Up Coaching]







‘What a great meeting today! Thanks for coming. And a massive thank you to Philippa Hammond who led us through a wonderful exercise in communicating about you and your business!!’
[Evelyn Day, Brighton and Hove Businesswomen]







City Business Club

I was keynote speaker at the Brighton City Business Club’s breakfast networking event sponsored by the Argus and City College.

They said:

“Brilliant Presentation by Philippa Hammond @TalkingSpeaking, thoroughly enjoyable and informative…. Thank you !!!!” Tweeted by City Business Skills ‏@CityBizSkills

If you’d like to book a mini workshop / guest speaker for your networking event, please contact me to discuss.
Confident public speaking, leadership, trainer essentials, career development & employability – anything from a five minute inspirational speech to a two hour interactive workshop – it’s your call.

Philippa Hammond