What’s wrong?

Absolutely essential questions for your clients – and for you

What’s keeping you up at night? What’s the worry? What’s wrong? Whether I’m working with an individual client, a cohort of workshop delegates or an organisation, these questions are key.

Helping them look at where they are now, holding up a mirror to their current situation and supporting them as they reflect is so rewarding.

I love to see people feeling they’ve been  given permission to be vulnerable, to be open about what’s not quite right and getting clear about what they want.

Pinning down those problems, identifying the triggers and the blocks, and acknowledging what’s driving them and what they truly need.

And saying yes – this is what I want and I’m going for it.

Whether you’re an individual client, attending one of my group workshops or looking for a corporate learning and development programme … I’ll be asking you to ask yourself those questions!

Philippa x

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