Training essentials: What’s the point of training?

Or: How a knickers origami video permanently changed my behaviour

What’s the main purpose of all training?

To bring about a permanent change in behaviour.

To achieve that, the trainer needs to help the learner gain new knowledge, new skills and new attitudes.

Tell, show and let them have a go with feedback and support tends to work.

Here’s a great example of how ‘show’ worked for me.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese phenomenon who has created a business empire helping us to turn our filthy chaotic disaster homes into things of beauty and joy.

Well I’ve a long way to go there, but this little video helped me change one piece of my behaviour permanently.

Before I saw this I would just chuck everything into a drawer, maybe vaguely sorted into relevant piles but things would be tangled up and it was difficult to see what I had.

But after seeing this video I immediately thought ‘I want this’, went upstairs and KonMaried my underwear drawer. I love it.

Now knickers origami may not be your kind of thing but this video has changed how I think, feel and behave in just one small aspect of my life and I’m not going back to the old way.

It’s the perfect example of how one training session can bring about a permanent change in my behaviour.

Thank you Marie Kondo!

Watch the video here (tip: sound down … )

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