Ten things trainers are now

Ten qualities trainers need today

In the past, the trainer was the one who stood up and taught, talked to and lectured a hopefully receptive audience.

While teaching and public speaking skills will always be essential, the training world has expanded and the effective corporate and self-employed trainer needs to become – and be able to do – so much more.

A learner, ever growing and developing, understanding that as methods and media change, so must we – a trainer’s first duty is to be a learner, and if we can’t learn, how can we expect others to learn from us?

A partner to the business, with the business’s best interests at heart, and the confidence and the network necessary to make a difference

A critical friend, able to hold a mirror up to the client’s situation, helping the client to understand what they and the business really need and want

A provocateur, with the confidence to ask those difficult questions, probing the grey areas and shining a light on what’s frightening the business

An explorer, going out there into new areas, looking at new knowledge and new ways of thinking that might then benefit the learner

A collector, a bee flitting around and picking up what’s out there that works

An adaptive user, discovering and making the most of available technology, platforms and media

A curator, gathering it all together, making sense of it and putting in order

A presenter, offering that curated collection to the client in a way that makes sense to all

A facilitator, making new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving as simple and effective as possible for the individual and the business to do

What’s new in your training practice?

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Philippa Hammond