Public speaking skills: Benefits for all

How public speaking skills benefit our clients

The ability to speak well in public is a vital business and social skill that will enhance your professional and personal image, yet it’s a task that many people fear above all others.

Speaking Well In Public offers a portfolio of practical, enjoyable and effective public speaking skills training for leadership, management and business, for performance and social occasions, for education, employability and life.


  • Learn professional techniques
  • Control stage fright
  • Learn the techniques used by actors to control nerves and build confidence
  • Develop and project your voice
  • Learn breathing and vocal skills for clear and authoritative speech
  • Engage and keep your audience’s interest
  • Discover how pacing, pausing and vocal variety keep your audience’s attention
  • Deliver that memorable message with lasting impact
  • Use body language, movement, eye contact and gesture to support your message

Who benefits from training in Public Speaking Skills?

For business

Whether you are part of a company or self-employed, Public Speaking is an essential business skill

Represent yourself and your company effectively, gain confidence and present your message with authority

Ensure your staff represent your organisation well

We can deliver staff training at all levels, offering group and one-to-one sessions.

Making speeches and reading briefings

Make an impressive and authoritative impact at meetings, conferences and trade shows with powerful new public speaking skills

Management appraisals and coaching sessions

Speak with confidence when having difficult conversations, guide, inspire and develop your staff

Pitching for funding, business and sales

Use new public speaking skills to make a confident and credible impression to investors, clients and customers

After-dinner speaking

Captivate and entertain your audience

Making training presentations and facilitating learning events

Engage and keep their attention, encourage participation and involvement and ensure they leave with a clear message

Speaking to the press

Give a clear and confident account of the situation and handle questions with ease

The public sector

Public money must be spent with great care – the sector is in the spotlight and must be seen to be doing more with less.

Effectively leading and inspiring public servants, who must understand and put into practice legislation, procedures, rules, regulations and standards, is vital.

Powerful public speaking skills help to deliver these training and management results.

Self-employed, sole traders, SMEs

Present yourself and your own business more effectively, gain confidence, and give yourself a better chance of success

The legal profession

In court cases, adjudications and tribunals, duties include appealing, interviewing and cross-examining, presenting and summing up.

Juries, magistrates and board members need to hear arguments, observe interviews and follow cross examinations before reaching their own verdict. The barrister or representative must explain, clarify, illustrate, engage and persuade.

Speaking Well in Public can deliver a tailored practical course combining public speaking skills with an introduction to the principles and skills required for effective interview techniques.

Teachers, lecturers, trainers

Speaking skills allow the teacher to convey knowledge from one mind to another in as interesting and effective a manner possible, capturing and keeping attention, firing the imagination, guiding, coaching and inspiring the student’s confidence in new knowledge and skills.

Religious life

Whatever the religion or denomination, the principles and the duties are the same; to read aloud from the text and to lead a congregation for celebration, consolation, guidance, teaching and inspiration.

Students and jobseekers

Making presentations for college

Presenting yourself and your employable qualities with clarity and confidence

In today’s challenging climate, employers are looking for people with transferable communication skills and the potential to develop. We can help you present yourself and your abilities so you stand out from the crowd.


Whatever your field, Speaking Well In Public’s training will develop your personal, professional and business skills

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