Public speaking tips: 1

Take a GOOD look at yourself!

So many hesitate to step through those opening doors of opportunity, because of public speaking nerves! Sound familiar?

New leadership role, new job, new business, big presentation or pitch looming … and new public speaking duties causing sleepless nights and a bit of the old impostor syndrome?

If that’s you and your nerves are holding you back, here’s a thought process to follow.

Tip 1: 🌠Take a good (and I mean GOOD) look at yourself.

Your CV, your LinkedIn profile, every qualification, experience and skill you bring to the stage.

Everything you’ve ever achieved, been proud of, been thanked for.
That’s the bedrock you stand on, like a lighthouse standing on firm ground amid the swirling.

Review that in your mind every time the old ‘who do you think you are??’ self sabotaging voice kicks in.

Another tip tomorrow.

Philippa x 

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