Personal impact – how do you look?

How makeup can help the public speaker build confidence

When you stand up to speak, your personal impact is first visual, then vocal and finally verbal.

You may not like the idea, but the way you look will affect their first impressions of you – and that will affect how they take your message.

And sometimes, hangups about appearance can really affect confidence.

You Tube offers a goldmine of information and advice on how to present yourself to your audience – and that often starts with makeup.

I’ve found some great make up tutorials from a variety of vloggers.

Get in shape

Identify your face shape – the first step:

Makeup for …

Heart shaped face:

Square shaped face:

Round shaped face:

Oval shaped face:


How to make your eyes look huge:

How to disguise a double chin

Makeup routine for a mature face:

An acne sufferer shows how she gets control of her confidence with her makeup routine:

A trick to conceal eye bags, and make yourself look fresh and healthy:

For men …

Men can also benefit from subtle makeup, especially under stage lights and in front of a camera. It isn’t so easy to find a helpful makeup tutorial for men that won’t frighten you off – I’m looking out for one, so watch this space.

I’ll add more vlogs as I find them – I hope you’ll find them useful.

Philippa Hammond