Beat the fear …

Stage fright … performance nerves … fear of public speaking is very common, and we can help. Here’s how.

How do you really feel about speaking in public?

Are you a stylish, confident and charismatic public speaker?

Do you give the best impression when you represent your company at conferences and trade shows, striking up a rapport with the audience, convincing, persuading, exciting their interest, earning your colleagues’ respect?

Or are these familiar feelings: … thumping heart … trembling hands … stage fright …?

Does speaking in public make you so nervous that you rush through the presentation to get it over with, feeling your voice is weak, or your audience is bored?

Is fear of public speaking damaging your business?

Would your business image benefit from more confident, polished and powerful public speaking skills?

Speaking well in public is an important business skill.

I can raise your confidence and improve your Public Speaking Skills in just one day. I offer you and your business something unique. I’ve trained companies, trainers and government agencies in speaking and training skills, and combined with my career as an actor and voice artist, I’ve developed methods to train you in Public Speaking skills more effectively than any other company.

It’s not about courage. I’ve worked with firefighters at management training events; people who’d rush into a burning building to save your life; but who are so scared having to make a presentation they visibly shake with fear.

Beginner, intermediate or advanced, in business, the public sector or self employed, I can help you learn fresh, confident new skills for making speeches at conferences, trade shows and networking events, making training presentations and pitching for business.

Speaking Well In Public can help you deliver results. You’ll discover:

Some of the secrets and confidence-building techniques actors use to control stage fright

How to master your breathing to develop and project your voice

And the confident use of posture, body language and expression to capture and keep your audience interest, ensuring you deliver that memorable message with lasting impact

So what’s the problem? We have the solution.

We offer many corporate courses and one to one coaching.

Learn confident and effective new public speaking skills with Speaking Well In Public.