Three writing tips

Presentations are said not read – things designed to be read use a different writing style.

So when you’re writing your presentation, remember three key tips:

🌟Use clear, plain English. Would you say ‘buy a house’ – or ‘purchase a property?’

Simplicity is a skill, so aim for conversational language in your presentations.

🌟Use positive language. ‘Don’t think about a pink elephant in a ballet dress.’ What are you thinking about now?

Remove those dos and don’ts lists – and just say what you want them to DO.

🌟Use the active voice. Would you say ‘the form should be filled in’ – or ‘please fill in the form’?

If you could add ‘by zombies’ after your sentence, you’ve probably used the passive voice.

These tips will help you create engaging instantly relatable content they’ll take in and remember.

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