The Professional Voice: Our actors

Voice artists for business

Introducing Speaking Well In Public’s new service.

Why use a professional actor / voice artist service for business? Here’s the answer.

The voice of confidence and authority …

The friendly, reassuring voice …

The entertaining, amusing voice …

Actors know how to capture attention and keep interest with their voices.

Speaking to your customers

Your corporate audio-video presence needs to look and sound professional.

Radio and TV advertising, online videos and product information messages need to inspire your customers’ confidence.

Professional voice artists can enhance your brand, helping you get your message across.

Speaking to your people

Training and e-learning material need to engage and keep your people’s attention to make the most of development opportunities. We all learn in different ways; by reading, looking, talking and doing – and by listening, too.

Professional voice artists can increase your advertising, training and development impact.

It’s all about return on investment.


Our professional actors have talent, training and experience, and many have their own home studios.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

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