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We offer Confident Public Speaking training for education, performance, work and life

Our latest courses

  • Interviews and Presentations for Employability, Colleges and Schools
  • Auditions, Performance and Reading Aloud for Actors, Writers and Poets
  • Speeches for Social Occasions


With our courses you’ll learn to

  • Deal with nerves and build confidence
  • Develop an interesting voice and presence
  • Deliver a memorable message

Our courses

Workshops and 1-1 coaching for schools and colleges, actors, writers and poets, career development and social events

Recent events include

  • Reading Aloud to an Audience audition and performance workshops and coaching for actors, writers, film makers and poets
  • Reading Aloud to Children workshops for parents and teachers
  • Presentation Skills coaching for career development, interviews and employability
  • Speech coaching for social events
  • Poetry-reading coaching for a wedding
  • Keynote Address coaching for formal events
  • Presentation Skills for business master classes

We also offer occasional pro bono public speaking special events for charities and good causes


For further information, discussions and bookings:

Philippa Hammond

Speaking Well In Public

M – 07017 037590

T – 01273 500950