Professional Public Speaking 1-1 coaching Brighton & beyond

Professional Public Speaking

1-1 personal development programme

A three-session public speaking personal development programme for leadership, management and business

Confident public speaking is a personal and professional essential.

Nerves plus a lack of insider knowledge and practical skills can reduce your ability to deliver a great message.

Develop your public speaking skills in private with this new structured personal development programme – a set of three two hour sessions

Level: For complete beginners, the nervous speaker, and for those who’d like to brush up the basics

Location: Brighton and the surrounding area – at your home, office or preferred venue

Coach: Corporate learning and development consultant, actor and voice artist Philippa Hammond

Programme Outcomes

  • Deal with nerves and build confidence in your personal and professional brand
  • Improve your personal impact as you develop command over your voice and body language
  • Learn practical techniques for preparing and delivering a great message about you and your business

Programme Benefits

  • A structured personal development programme with real results
  • Private and confidential individual attention
  • Learn techniques used by actors, voice artists and professional public speakers
  • Honest, respectful and constructive feedback
  • Combine formal sessions with private reading, watching, preparing and practising at your leisure
  • Recommended reading and watching can be done while mobile
  • Session content can be tailored to your needs

The Classic Programme

Session content can be tailored to your needs

Session one: Confident Public Speaking

Pre course

  • Discuss your needs by phone/email
  • Prepare your elevator pitch

In session

  • Elevator pitch and feedback
  • Controlling how you feel, look and sound
  • Dealing with nerves and building confidence
  • The four levels of personal impact

Post course

  • Personalised confident public speaking notes by email
  • Polish and develop your elevator pitch

Session two: Practical Public Speaking

In session

  • Deliver and discuss your improved elevator pitch
  • The four elements of creating a presentation – plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate

Post course

  • Session notes by email
  • Plan and prepare in advance a business / professional presentation with PowerPoint

Session three: Professional Public Speaking

In session

  • Deliver your professional presentation with PowerPoint to feedback, discussion and development

Post course

  • Session notes by email

Testimonials and client responses to my 1-1 coaching

” Philippa is great …I’d strongly recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their public speaking skills.’
Feras Alkabani, University of Sussex

“I cannot speak highly enough of Philippa’s talent to bring out the best authentic ‘you’ … she has inspired me … ”
Paula Gander,

“I found the whole experience a really worthwhile and pleasurable investment and would wholeheartedly recommend Philippa to anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills.”
Deborah Kempson-Wren,

“Always enthusiastic and engaged, Philippa is a pleasure to work with … With more speaking engagements coming up, I need to book another session!”
Harry Sherrard,


Three session programme £250.00
VAT is not charged
Travel expenses by prior agreement

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Further programmes can be discussed and tailored to your requirements