Article: How to speak well in public

‘How to speak well in public … ‘

That’s consistently the most popular search string on my site.

It says in a handful of words just what’s bothering so many people – and my writing and my work training and coaching confident public speaking skills answer that question.

The answer’s simple.

Nobody was born knowing how to speak well in public – everyone you admire has simply gone and learned the knowledge, practised the skills and developed the mindsets you need to succeed.

With my 1-1 coaching and corporate training programmes, anyone can learn to feel, look and sound better when they stand up to speak.

You’ll learn how to:

Beat nerves and develop confidence
Plan and prepare for success
Use actor’s tricks for looking and sounding your best

Here are some free top tips for capturing and keeping your audience’s attention and delivering a great message

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Philippa Hammond

Actor, voice artist, teacher of Confident Public Speaking skills
Brighton and beyond