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Our most popular course

‘…every individual on a business stage needs to develop the strongest presentation abilities they possibly can.’ – Forbes Magazine

A one day introduction to presentation and public speaking skills for leadership, management and business

Delivered in-house, or at a venue of your choice, for 6-12 people

Ideal for beginners, for brushing up the basics and for the nervous speaker

About the course

Public speaking isn’t a natural inborn skill.

Those speakers who make it look so easy have studied and practised the art, and so can your people.

Our acclaimed one-day course will introduce the skills – and the pleasures – of Confident Public Speaking for business.


Learn how to master nerves and develop a compelling and inspiring personal presence

Discover why we get nervous, what nerves do to us and how we can deal with them

Explore techniques for developing a strong, confident voice and effective body language to support your message

This course features practical speaking experience and useful exercises, with helpful and supportive feedback as valuable guidance for the future

What they said about our course …

‘This is a fantastic day to learn and practice new skills. I recently took the course and learnt a lot of new techniques to help get over the nerves of public speaking… ‘ Simon Moorhead, Producer

‘I will be less apprehensive about public speaking knowing if I practice and plan and relax more my speech / public speaking will be much better than before attending your excellent workshop… ‘ David Sewell, Pavilion Gardens Cafe

‘Thorough, detailed and insightful look into how to speak in public … from hello to thank you, any questions … ?’ Simon James

‘Really enjoyable and relevant course … ‘ Daniel Magill

‘Feel much better about presenting … Fantastic … I can’t wait to put it into practice … Exceeded all expectations … A great day with Philippa @TalkingSpeaking learning something different!’ Sharon Kay, Partner Kay & Pascoe LLP @SharonLKay.  Received later: ‘ My day with you continues to pay off.  On Friday I organised a Dispute Resolution Seminar for about 60 lawyers.  We had speakers from all over plus some very eminent High Court Judges.  I did not even get nervous this time, after all after the National Conference with over 500 delegates, why would I?!?!’ Sharon Kay, Partner Kay & Pascoe LLP @SharonLKay

‘Really informative … Very good … Great benefit … Handling nerves and learning how to prepare … ‘ Peter Murtough, Director Micro IT Global @MicroITGlobal

‘An interesting and illuminating day … A lot of chances to practice in a safe, supportive environment … ‘ Paul Sharville, Bidwrite @BidWriteUK

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What they said about Philippa …

‘Philippa was great, 100 per cent focussed and her passion shone through. She was helpful and informative at all times and made everyone feel at ease … ‘ Russell Shaw

‘Very confident, reassuring and calming …’ Katie Keetarut

‘Excellent … relaxed, easy to listen to and made it a non scary day … ‘ David Sewell

‘Excellent, very personable, informative and approachable …’ Lesley Baker, GB Tree Surgery

‘Excellent …’ Caroline McWhinnie

‘Excellent …’ Simon James

About Philippa Hammond and recent clients

Further information about all our courses

Skills for business

Whatever your field, the ability to stand up and speak about your business in public is a vital part of your people’s personal and professional toolkit, yet so many are nervous of public speaking.

Skills for leaders and managers

Leaders need to communicate an organisation’s vision and goals. The ability to speak well in public is a vital leadership skill, yet it can be a task that people dread and avoid.

Skills for developing your teams

Your trainers and coaches need to be able to build your organisation’s capability. To develop others effectively, they need top quality speaking, training, facilitation and coaching skills.

Skills for career

And if you’re planning a series of outplacement events, giving your people the ability to present with confidence in an interview can mean the difference between their winning and losing that new role.

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Public Speaking Level 1: Beginners, refreshers and the nervous speaker – read more about our Confident Public Speaking course

Public Speaking Level 2 : Intermediate speakers – read more about our Practical Public Speaking course

Public Speaking Level 3: Experienced speakers – read more about our Professional Public Speaking events

Training Skills – read more about our Training Essentials one day course and Train the Trainer three day programme

You can book a combination of courses as a programme for your team

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