Training: A bit more Brit

‘The British accent … ‘?

There’s no such thing!

These islands are home to a huge variety of accents, dialects and languages.

There’s no ‘right way’ to speak.

But whether you’re a student, actor or business person, you may want to develop your accent to sound just a bit more standard British, especially if you’re speaking your second language.

I’m an English graduate, actor, voice artist and teacher of confident public speaking skills.

I stand up and talk for a living.

So if you’d like to learn to sound a bit more Brit – I can help.

Polish your standard British accent with my set of simple tips & easy exercises to practice til you sound more like the people you meet here in the south of England.

Makes study, work and communication easier!

A Bit More Brit

Now available: Conversation and pronunciation 1-1 coaching in Brighton and Hove



Philippa Hammond (Assoc CIPD)