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Would your business image benefit from better public speaking skills?

Make this the year you feel, project and inspire confidence in your business with Speaking Well In Public.

Our Courses

Public speaking is a real-world skill, with a practical application for business.

We understand that training budgets are under stress today. Speaking Well In Public offers a portfolio of corporate Public Speaking courses to help you to achieve your organisation’s varied goals.

Our business courses, designed and developed by Philippa Hammond, combine her skills and techniques as an award-winning trainer, working actor and voice artist:

  • Beginner / Refresher: Confident Public Speaking
  • Experienced / Improver: Practical Public Speaking
  • All: Reading Aloud for Business

We can also swiftly create bespoke training, team building and one to one events for the client following detailed and flexible consultation.

Key benefits

  • Deal with nerves – relax, breathe, visualise success and gain confidence
  • Project a good impression – develop a strong and compelling voice and non-verbal communication skills
  • Present yourself more effectively, gain confidence and give yourself the best chance of success
  • Represent your company effectively, and present your message with authority
  • Inspire confidence – use your new skills for speech-making, business networking, negotiating, training, managing and coaching to capture and keep an audience’s attention and deliver a memorable message
  • See real results in your team’s performance, confidence and the impact they make when representing your business to colleagues, shareholders and clients

Working with us

We work with the client to focus on their business needs by asking “what do you want your staff to achieve?” then tailor our training programmes to meet those individual, group and organisation needs.

We offer a selection of short, sharp courses, including:

  • Straightforward introductions to the subjects to develop confidence and new skills
  • More advanced training for in-depth and varied development
  • Personal one-to-one attention to address specific requirements

We use powerful training, presentation, coaching, facilitation, practical, roleplay and feedback techniques to deliver effective solutions to real performance needs.

What’s so unusual about Philippa Hammond’s Public Speaking training?

Philippa offers:

  • Strong training qualifications including membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development with Certificates in Training Practice and Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Experience as a learning and development professional
  • Experience as a professional actor, offering insights into developing stage presence, the effective use of the voice and dealing effectively with an audience
  • Award-winning* clear and simple advice from experience on how to conquer the fear of public speaking [ *the Plain English Campaign’s Inside Write Award for the article Public Speaking Skills: Handling Nerves]

 What benefits can Public Speaking Skills training bring to your organisation?

  • More effective announcements, team briefings and meetings lead to better communication between staff and departments.
  • Your trainers can acquire new learning and development skills, which in turn are vital for keeping your staff up-to-date and effective.
  • Your CEOs, senior staff and higher management can give a more powerful performance at conference to stakeholders, staff, clients, customers, and the press, so enhancing the organisation’s image.
  • And as competition for business is affecting all companies today, the ability to make a successful presentation or pitch to clients could give your organisation the final edge over your competitors, who might lack this skill.

What benefits can Public Speaking Skills training bring to your employees?

  • A useful personal development opportunity, leading to increased confidence and morale from using new skills.
  • An enjoyable and practical team-building activity or reward event, with participants learning and applying new skills together.
  • Confidence-building for promotion interviews.
  • Continuing professional development for trainers, teachers, lecturers and any professional in a public speaking role.

What benefits can Public Speaking Skills training bring to your clients?

  • More impressive and convincing presentations by your staff lead to greater interest and customer satisfaction in your services.
  • The client can feel more confident in the standards set by your organisation when they see a high quality presentation.

This is business-generating training – enhanced Public Speaking Skills training can only benefit your organisation, your staff and your clients in this challenging financial climate.

We deliver excellent value for money. Our competitive rates compare favourably with other providers, and our real results will give you an attractive return on your investment.

Speaking Well In Public provides public speaking courses at all levels for all purposes.

Contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss your needs.

Our Courses