Training: Confident Public Speaking Courses Spring 2015


Confident Public Speaking
‘For an entrepreneur, giving speeches is an everyday task and an essential skill’
Sir Richard Branson




Some feedback from my March 26th Confident Public Speaking course at the Claremont, Hove

‘Feel much better about presenting … Fantastic … I can’t wait to put it into practice … Exceeded all expectations … A great day with Philippa @TalkingSpeaking learning something different!”
Sharon Kay, Partner Kay & Pascoe LLP @SharonLKay

‘Really informative … Very good … Great benefit … Handling nerves and learning how to prepare … ‘
Peter Murtough, Director Micro IT Global @MicroITGlobal

‘An interesting and illuminating day … A lot of chances to practice in a safe, supportive environment … ‘
Paul Sharville, Bidwrite @BidWriteUK

‘Thorough, detailed and insightful look into how to speak in public … from hello to thank you, any questions … ?’ Simon James

‘Reassured that feeling nervous before a presentation is normal, and I now have some basic techniques to work on …very interactive, fun … lovely venue and lunch … ‘ Katie Keetarut, UCLH NHS

‘I feel much happier about how to prepare for talks and deliver them confidently … very rewarding course … really pleased to have attended. I will recommend at work … ‘ Caroline McWhinnie, UCLH NHS

‘Really enjoyable and relevant course … ‘ Daniel Magill

About Philippa

‘Very confident, reassuring and calming …’ Katie Keetarut

‘Excellent, very personable, informative and approachable …’ Lesley Baker, GB Tree Surgery

‘Excellent …’ Caroline McWhinnie

‘Excellent …’ Simon James

An introduction to presentation and public speaking skills for business
Ideal for beginners, for brushing up the basics and for the nervous speaker

Four dates for spring 2015
March 26th Fully booked
March 30th Fully booked
April 16th    Fully booked
April 20th   Fully booked

The beautiful five-star Claremont, in Hove

PDF: course details and programme

Skills for business
Whether you’re a freelancer, a new startup or well established in your field, the ability to stand up and speak in public is a vital part of your personal and professional toolkit – yet so many people are nervous of public speaking.

Skills for leaders and managers
Leaders need to communicate an organisation’s vision and goals. The ability to speak well in public is a vital leadership skill – yet it can be a task that people dread. And so often it’s assumed that if you’re in a position of leadership, then you must be able to speak well.

Skills for artists and writers in business
As an artist or writer you’re also a business person, and you may need to promote your work to audiences, or to pitch for funding – yet so many find public speaking difficult.

About the course
The fact is that these skills don’t magically appear with a new business or a promotion … but they can be learned.

Our new one-day course will introduce you to the skills – and the pleasures – of Confident Public Speaking.

Learn how to master nerves and develop a compelling and inspiring personal presence.

You’ll discover why we get nervous, what nerves do to us and how we can deal with them, and explore techniques for developing a strong, confident voice and effective body language to support your message.

This course features lots of practical speaking experience, useful exercises and helpful feedback in an enjoyable, safe environment. You’ll also receive valuable guidance for the future.

Early bird bookings by March 31st: £399.00 per person
Bookings after March 31st: £499.00 per person
Fees include arrival, morning and afternoon refreshments and two course lunch at the Claremont

Course bookings
For further information and to book your place, contact
Philippa Hammond
T: 07017 037590

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