Training: Confident Public Speaking – skills for students

Everyone's greatest worry






Students have so much to think about today. They may be leaving school and looking for their first job, thinking about careers and A level choices or applying to university.

The ability to speak well in public is essential for interviews, oral exams and college presentations, and is an excellent CV point, yet it’s a task that so many find difficult. Speaking Well In Public offers a practical new one-day course for sixth form and further education students who are facing just these challenges.

Our training is dedicated to inspiring young people to achieve skills for a wider world in a positive, supportive and safe environment.

Students will …

  • Deal with their nerves and develop self-confidence, self-presentation and poise
  • Capture and keep an audience’s interest and deliver a clear, concise message
  • Move away from teen talk, developing their clear, communicative spoken English
  • Focus on personal impact and confident body language to support their speaking
  • Develop explaining, persuading and influencing skills
  • Take part in practical presentation exercises throughout the day
  • Give and receive honest, respectful and constructive feedback with grace

In short, I train young people to feel confident, project confidence and inspire confidence.

Confident Public Speaking

Skills for education, employability and life

A one-day course for beginners – Maximum twelve students per group


09.00 – 16.30 with mid-morning, lunch and afternoon breaks

Pre-course preparation

The Elevator Pitch for session 1:

A 45-second speech answering the question “who are you and what do you do?”, highlighting interests, skills and ambitions.

Note – no further preparation required, as all other exercises are set on the day.

Session 1: Introductions and the Elevator Pitch

Practising a vital life skill:

Making your confident public statement about who you are, your strengths and achievements, with feedback from the tutor and the group.

Session 2: Planning and preparing to speak

Preparing your material:

Considering your audience, their needs and objectives, gathering and structuring material, creating and using speaking notes and a simple visual aid.

Preparing yourself:

Discussing why we all get nervous, what nerves do to us and how we can master and use nerves to power successful communications.

Session 3: Delivery

Your personal impact:

An audience will make up their minds about you before you even begin to speak. Considering how you come across with a practical exploration of the professional voice, projecting positive body language and appearance and how to deal with questions with confidence and style.

Session 4: Practical

Main presentation exercise:

Planning, preparing and delivering a short presentation working in pairs, followed by personal, peer-group and tutor feedback.

Handouts and Q and A, evaluation and post-course work [the course also features practical exercises, mini presentation and feedback experience throughout the day].


A one day Confident Public Speaking course at your college or school
For a group of up to twelve students



Please contact us if you would like to discuss the course, or to book a Confident Public Speaking day at your college or school

Philippa Hammond

07017 037590