Training: About our Reading Aloud courses

Reading aloud from a script, especially in front of an audience, can be difficult. It seems to be taken for granted that if you can read – you can read aloud (‘sight-read’). This is often not the case. Many of us are not naturally good sight-readers. Many performers, including experienced actors, dread having to do it. We’re not taught as children or adults to do it. Even actors, TV presenters and newsreaders are not always taught how to do it. It doesn’t matter what you do – football, ballet, Spanish … to do it well, you learn the correct technique step by step and practice it so it becomes second nature. Sight–reading is not a natural ability, but it is a skill that can be developed.

Whether you are:

An actor or performer…

For actors auditioning with an unseen piece, auditioning with prepared sides from the script, sight-reading at an unrehearsed play-reading, reading poetry, dialogue or prose to an audience, recording a voice-over for advert, narration or talking book, working in radio drama, presenting from autocue [and reading the speech of thanks when you get the Oscar…], sight reading is a highly marketable skill.

A parent or teacher reading to children…

Being read to well from early childhood fosters an early love of books, language and reading, which in turn improves vocabulary, outlook and imagination, encourages confidence and creativity in the child, improves a child’s receptivity to general education and enhances social life and career prospects. It’s good for family relationships and – it’s fun!

 A writer reading your work to an audience…

For poets and writers, reading your work well to an audience can heighten your public image and the chance of making a sale. Captivate and entertain your audience, represent yourself and your work with confidence and style.

A business person reading the keynote speech at conference…

For business people, the ability to read an entertaining and memorable speech well at conferences, meetings and social events can enhance your reputation, and the company’s, too.

The best man, father of the bride or other social speaker

You want to make a sincere and appreciated contribution to a social event.

… you’ll find this set of courses will improve your sight-reading performance in any situation.

By the end of your course you’ll be able to mark up a script to help you work, and make the most of your voice, expressions and non-verbal communication to capture and keep your audience’s attention.

All courses are suitable for beginners or those with some experience.

Individually tailored one-to-one coaching in any subject is available.