Training: Reading aloud for business

Reading Aloud Means Business

A half day course for corporate clients [all levels]

For business people, the ability to read an entertaining and memorable speech well at conferences, meetings and social events can enhance your reputation, and the company’s, too.

But a dull, monotonous reading that bores the audience, fails to engage them and misses the mark could even damage reputations.

So what three things does the business person need to learn to fix these problems, to engage the audience’s attention and ensure the message hits home?

  • Vocal variety through use of emphasis, pauses, change of pace and volume
  • The feeling that ideas are occurring spontaneously with apparent changes of thought and direction
  • Audience engagement through talking directly to them, using expression, eye contact, body language and gesture

Reading Aloud Means Business – the programme

  • Reading aloud: the guidelines
  • Speaking: Nerves, relaxation, breathing, voice and microphone
  • Non verbal communication: expression, body language and gesture
  • Creating and holding interest
  • Reading exercises
  • Discussion
  • Post course: Continuing professional development


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