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Confident Public Speaking – new skills for beginners

Practical Public Speaking – developing your skills

The Professional Voice – an introduction for all

Workshop: Reading Aloud Means Business – for all, ideal for beginners

One to one coaching – for all levels

Train the Trainer – for new, aspiring and developing trainers

Leadership Essentials – for new, aspiring and developing leaders

The ability to speak well in public is a vital business and social skill that will enhance your professional and personal image, yet it’s a task that many people fear above all others.

Speaking Well In Public offers a portfolio of practical, enjoyable and effective public speaking skills training for leadership, management and business, for performance and social occasions, for education, employability and life.

  • Control stage fright
  • Learn the techniques used by actors to control nerves and build confidence
  • Develop and project your voice
  • Learn breathing and vocal skills for clear and authoritative speech
  • Engage and keep your audience’s interest
  • Discover how pacing, pausing and vocal variety keep your audience’s attention
  • Deliver that memorable message with lasting impact
  • Use body language, movement, eye contact and gesture to support your message
  • Learn professional techniques
  • Using microphones (including making announcements), reading from books, scripts and cue-cards, sight-reading, cold-reading and auditioning

About our Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training for Business

Level 1 – Confident Public Speaking – new skills for beginners

A one-day course

Audience: Beginner

Learning public speaking skills will change your life

A one day course will prove to you that you can do things you never knew you could

About the course

Our Confident Public Speaking course introduces the skills needed to plan, prepare, deliver and evaluate a successful presentation for all occasions.

The ideal course for complete beginners, for the nervous speaker and for those who would like to brush up their skills and build confidence.

Delegates discover why we get nervous, what nerves do to us and how we can deal with them, and explore techniques for developing a strong, confident voice and effective body language to support the message.

This course features lots of practical speaking experience, useful exercises and helpful feedback in an enjoyable, safe environment. You will also receive valuable guidance for the future from the tutor, Philippa Hammond.

More about our Confident Public Speaking course

Level 2 – Practical Public Speaking – developing your skills

A one-day course for more experienced speakers

Audience: Improver

You may have attended our Confident Public Speaking course, have begun to address those public speaking nerves and are looking for more practice.

You may already have some public speaking experience and feel you would now benefit from a concentrated day of practical presentation experience, plus feedback to help you develop to a higher level.

You may wish your team members to acquire further professional gloss and style when representing you and your organisation to colleagues, clients and the press.

About the course

Practical Public Speaking offers a concentrated practical workout, a public speaking boot camp that will have you on your feet and speaking to a small group, observing your peers delivering their prepared presentations and sharing honest, respectful and constructive feedback throughout the day. You will also receive valuable guidance for the future from thetutor, Philippa Hammond.

More about our Practical Public Speaking course

The Professional Voice

A half day workshop introducing public speaking essentials

Ideal for beginners

Click here for details: The Professional Voice

Confident Public Speaking for Students

A one-day course for beginners – Maximum twelve students per group

The ability to speak well in public is essential for interviews, oral exams and college presentations, and is an excellent CV point, yet it’s a task that so many find difficult.

Speaking Well In Public offers a practical new one-day course for sixth form and further education students.

Our training is dedicated to inspiring young people to achieve skills for a wider world in a positive, supportive and safe environment.

Skills for education, employability and life.

Click here for details: Confident Public Speaking For Students

All levels: Reading Aloud to an Audience

Audience: Beginner / Improver

A half-day course for anyone who will be reading aloud for business, for performance or to entertain children.

The ability to read aloud well is so useful for

  • business people delivering a formal speech, briefing or announcement
  • performers auditioning or performing script-in-hand
  • writers reading your own poetry or fiction to an audience
  • teachers and parents storytelling for children

About the courses

This simple set of practical, effective and easy to learn techniques used by professional broadcasters and actors can enhance your reading aloud skills for any occasion.

Explore how to

  • study any script, analyse how it works and mark it up to guide your reading
  • develop your voice skills including pace, pauses, emphasis and variety
  • capture attention, promote your work, give a memorable performance, captivate and entertain your audience

More about our Reading Aloud courses

All levels: One to one coaching

Prepare to deliver that important speech, presentation, academic paper or reading

A private two hour one-to-one coaching session

Click here for details: Private 1-1 Public Speaking Coaching

Train the Trainer

For the aspiring, new and returning trainer – beginners and improvers

For those new to the L&D management role – beginners

Training Essentials – a one day workshop

Train the Trainer – a three day programme

Click here for details: Train the Trainer

Leadership Essentials

A one day introduction to key concepts essential to the aspiring, new and developing leader

Click here for details of our Leadership Essentials course



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