Training: Reading aloud for actors







Philippa at work in the studio

1-1 sessions for actors: essential skills for reading aloud from a script

A fun and supportive 1-1 session ideal for beginners, nervous readers and brushing up the basics for the more experienced sight reader

“Thanks again for yesterday, it has really given me a base to start from.”
Terry Scotchmer, New Actor

For actors …

… Auditioning with an unseen piece or prepared sides from the script

… Performing script-in-hand play-readings, poetry or prose to an audience

… Recording a voice-over for advert, narration or talking book

… Working in radio drama

… Presenting from autocue

Sight-reading is a highly marketable skill.

But …

So many actors and performers get nervous and let themselves down with a dull, monotonous reading that fails to give the director an insight into their acting ability, or to engage the audience.

The results …

Not being cast … earning a bad review … even damaging your reputation.

The solution …

Fix those sight-reading problems with a two-hour 1-1 coaching session on auditioning or performing script-in-hand with actor, voice artist and trainer Philippa Hammond

So what does the actor need to learn to fix these sight-reading problems, impress the director, get cast, engage the audience and get cast again?

  • A positive, confident attitude
  • Techniques for marking up the script for practical performance
  • Vocal variety through use of emphasis, pauses, change of pace and volume
  • The feeling that ideas are occurring spontaneously with apparent changes of thought and direction
  • Audience engagement through expression, eye contact, body language and gesture

We can cover whatever you need, including

  • Dealing with nerves and building confidence
  • Simple practical techniques for marking up a script ready for reading
  • The ‘secret script’ every actor or reader needs to create
  • Voice: relaxation, breathing, voice and microphone technique, controlling emphasis, pauses, change of pace and volume for variety and interest
  • Body language: Use expression, movement and gesture to give energy and life to your readings
  • Reading exercises
  • Recording exercises on your phone or iPad
  • Autocue practice on your phone or iPad
  • Discussion and feedback
  • Post course: continuing professional development exercises

What would you like to do?

Philippa Hammond

‘… understated and impressively controlled … Hammond excels … ‘
James Kirkup – The Scotsman

‘ … spellbinding and entertaining, heart rending and humorous … ‘
Roderick Graham – The Scotsman