Testimonials: CAAI – Training and Instructional Techniques



A three day public workshop for the Civil Aviation Authority International at Gatwick Airport

Course objectives achieved


Plenty of material to consider and opportunities to put theory into practice.

All objectives were achieved by a practical to demonstrate application.


About Philippa Hammond

Very knowledgeable, personable and receptive to the audience at all stages of the course

Clearly demonstrated a high level of knowledge ad expertise.

Approachable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

I felt inspired to learn and contribute.

Interesting and engaging delivery style with plenty of real world examples.

Philippa’s knowledge, skills and attitudes towards the group and the course were very professional, respectful and formal.

Most useful

Learning needs analysis work and a really well structured reminder of the different training methods that I could use

Learning about how adults learn and capitalising on this.

Delivering training session puts into practice what was learned.

Feedback and transfrrable skills to my day job.

How you’ll use your new skills

Become more of a partner in internal training development and seek to be more adaptable to audience needs.

I will try to apply these principles not just when training but also in every day interactions to better deliver messages.

Consciously incorporate some techniques discussed during the course and try to improve social networking aspects of my role

Continue to instruct with a more focussed approach to evaluation.

Develop and deliver induction course


Excellent training.

Particularly enjoyed the workshop format and methods to deliver the training material, whith the emphasis on the group / delegates, rather than on the instructor.

Enjoyed all the group exercises and finding the answers for ourselves.

[All post course comments are from public and private sector delegates on this three day event.]

Details of this course https://caainternational.com/training-services/our-training-courses/training-and-instructional-techniques/