Testimonials: CAAI / EASA Train the Trainer

A three day Train the Trainer development programme for a small group of subject matter experts tasked with delivering training as part of their portfolios

Delegates said

About Philippa Hammond

Knowledge of the subject – ‘excellent’

Obvious preparation – ‘excellent’

Style and delivery – ‘excellent’

Responsiveness to group – ‘excellent’

Comments on course content, structure and delivery

‘Excellent balance’

‘Very good course!’

‘Very useful’

‘Perfect atmosphere’

‘It was just right’

‘Very good training altogether congratulations’

‘Very useful training, Philippa was a very good trainer’

‘Thank you for the great course!’

‘Absolutely relevant for instructional technique – essential recommendations provided’

‘Highly engaged and knowledgeable trainer’

‘The course duration and content was perfect’

‘Well balance between practice and theory’

‘Specially interesting the third day where we have to deliver a presentation ourselves’

‘Individual presentations and feedback from the floor’

‘Highlights were the practical work’

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