Testimonials: Confident Public Speaking course

Some feedback from my Confident Public Speaking courses at the Claremont, Hove

Feedback from my Confident Public Speaking courses at the Claremont, Hove

Confident Public Speaking

A one day introduction to presentation and public speaking skills for leadership, management and business
Delivered in-house, or at a venue of your choice, for 6-12 people
Ideal for beginners, for brushing up the basics and for the nervous speaker

What they said about our course …

‘This is a fantastic day to learn and practice new skills. I recently took the course and learnt a lot of new techniques to help get over the nerves of public speaking… ‘ Simon Moorhead, Producer

‘I will be less apprehensive about public speaking knowing if I practice and plan and relax more my speech / public speaking will be much better than before attending your excellent workshop… ‘ David Sewell, Pavilion Gardens Cafe

‘Thorough, detailed and insightful look into how to speak in public … from hello to thank you, any questions … ?’ Simon James

‘Really enjoyable and relevant course … ‘ Daniel Magill

‘Feel much better about presenting … Fantastic … I can’t wait to put it into practice … Exceeded all expectations … A great day with Philippa @TalkingSpeaking learning something different!’ Sharon Kay, Partner Kay & Pascoe LLP @SharonLKay
Received later: ‘ My day with you continues to pay off.  On Friday I organised a Dispute Resolution Seminar for about 60 lawyers.  We had speakers from all over plus some very eminent High Court Judges.  I did not even get nervous this time, after all after the National Conference with over 500 delegates, why would I?!?!’ Sharon Kay, Partner Kay & Pascoe LLP @SharonLKay

‘Really informative … Very good … Great benefit … Handling nerves and learning how to prepare … ‘ Peter Murtough, Director Micro IT Global @MicroITGlobal

‘An interesting and illuminating day … A lot of chances to practice in a safe, supportive environment … ‘ Paul Sharville, Bidwrite @BidWriteUK

What they said about Philippa …

‘Philippa was great, 100 per cent focussed and her passion shone through. She was helpful and informative at all times and made everyone feel at ease … ‘ Russell Shaw

‘Very confident, reassuring and calming …’ Katie Keetarut

‘Excellent … relaxed, easy to listen to and made it a non scary day … ‘ David Sewell

‘Excellent, very personable, informative and approachable …’ Lesley Baker, GB Tree Surgery

‘Excellent …’ Caroline McWhinnie

‘Excellent …’ Simon James