Testimonials: The Student Room – Confident Public Speaking

Some of the feedback from my Confident Public Speaking workshop at The Student Room

Confident Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training and coaching in person and online

With Philippa Hammond

Brighton, Sussex, UK and beyond

The Student Room

Confident Public Speaking February 2018

To what extent were the course objectives achieved?

Very much so, I had no idea there was so much to think about
I definitely felt like my confidence in public speaking improved as the workshop went on
I feel I have some tools and ideas to feel more confident in speaking in public

About Philippa Hammond

Very knowledgeable, informative to listen to
Great, good that she can share personal experience
Thanks, you were great and really supportive, empathetic and helpful
Philippa was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive
Philippa was really good, very knowledgeable and was a calming presence. Very clear.
Excellent, knowledgeable.
A great delivery style
Calm and informative, controlled the room and pace of delivery very well
Excellent, well organised, clear and a nice atmosphere
Great delivery and was very engaging throughout the entire workshop.
Clearly knows her stuff and has a great speaking voice / manner

What were the most useful elements of the workshop?

The elevator pitch concept
Group speaking
How to stand and calm myself
Learning to pause, no ums
Realising how I move when I speak
Eye contact, composure, neutral stance
Changing how you think about public speaking
The stance work and also the presentation structure elements of the day

How will you use your new knowledge, skills and attitudes to public speaking?

Change my thinking and use what I’ve learned to do more speaking rather than avoiding it
I will use the stance and mental preparation all the time
I definitely feel more equipped in how to approach giving a presentation.


Very enjoyable, good to push myself and do something scary. Richer for the experience.
Thank you, everything was really helpful
The workshop was very useful, I really enjoyed it.
Thanks for a great workshop day!
Nice and interactive

About The Student Room