Quotations: Angelina Jolie on nerves

“I get very nervous,” says Angelina Jolie of her public speaking role with the United Nations.

Stylist magazine asked her:
‘You are are speaking at a global conference for Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict in June. Do you feel more nervous speaking at that kind of event than at a film premiere?’

‘Oh absolutely, because it’s so important. I get very nervous. At that conference I’ll be terribly nervous to make sure I say the right thing on behalf of these women … When I speak at these things I go over my speech obsessively to try to make sure I get it right. I keep changing words and moving things around and rewriting and rewriting. Whereas something like this, I don’t. It’s done with ease because it’s entertainment.’

Even Hollywood stars get nervous when public speaking, here because the stakes are so high. Planning, preparing, and keeping your aim in mind will all help you to succeed.