Christmas gifts 2020

Confident public speaking

An essential professional and personal skill

Gift voucher: £90.00

I did my reading in London last night for the new publishers and it went REALLY WELL. Thank you so much … that session and the advice you gave me was invaluable. I practised loads beforehand as you recommended and it paid off. I even felt surprisingly calm before going on … This is a massive confidence boost and it’s mostly thanks to you!’

James Clammer, author, Carnegie medal nominee

Give fresh new skills as a gift for a successful and confident 2021

Give a student skills for life

Give a job-seeker new confidence in their abilities and prospects

Give a newly self-employed person the confidence to speak about themselves and their new business

Give a professional fresh gloss and style

Launch into 2021 with a two hour personalised 1-1 public speaking coaching session

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£90.00 for a two hour session

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